1.26.2011 snow day!

So! It's snowing!

Boo is in doggie heaven. I've shoveled the drive three times already, and thereby justified another glass of wine from the unexpected cardio. Hubby is stuck (read: enjoing beachy drinks and sand between his toes) in Florida for another night.

(Which means I have control of the clicker for one more night. Bravo tv, anyone?)

And, with an early dismissal from work and closed offices tomorrow? I'm feeling a little more relaxed, a little less pressured than I was earlier today.

(Maybe it has something to do with that extra glass of wine...)

Here's to muffled nights...to the laughter of the neighborhood kids...to candlelight...to bundling up and working up a sweat and shovel blisters...to finding some stolen time to pursue those things that are important, but get pushed aside all too often.

And here's to music. Since this little corner of the interwebs is private, I can leave this playlist up a little longer! These are a few quiet tunes...perfect for a lazy morning when your offices happen to have been oh-so-fabulously closed.

My five:
  1. Snow - it's WAY easier to keep track of a black dog on snowy nighttime walks!
  2. GarageBand and my keyboard. Fun times, when I can shut my censors up!
  3. Pink pesto sauce. I could slather that stuff on EVERYTHING.
  4. Good reading material.
  5. Soft quiet.


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