Well, if yesterday is any indication of the way 2011 is going to treat me, it's going be a lovely year!

We toasted the new year with neighbors and kids and champagne. I wore sparkly necklaces and silver shoes. We ate and laughed and drank, and I didn't poison anyone inadvertently! Plus, I was enough of an adult to clean up the house prior to going to bed (a large personal victory!), and slept soundly.

Woke up to a lovely warm morning. Coffee, walked the dog, went for an easy jog around the neighborhood, and joined the neighbors for a hair-of-the-dog party.

(Oh, 2011, if you can teach me to nap on a regular basis I will consider the year a resounding success!)

Popcorn for dinner. More dog walking. Chats with my mom and brother. A little bit of undecorating. And a relatively early bedtime.

A day free of anxiety, of not measuring up, of feeling overwhelmed.

A day of contentment. Of confidence. Of easy companionship. Of rest.

2011? You are a breath of fresh air. Welcome, friend!

My five:
  1. New beginnings.
  2. Possibilities.
  3. Family and friends.
  4. Daydreams.
  5. Making promises.


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