All right Mr. De Mille... I'm ready for my close up.

"Should I be pointing the camera over there?"
This week I pretended that my real job was that of a video editor.

(Or, more appropriately, video editing student.)

The problem? It was a really fun week! I know how to do more, faster. I can actually have fun with the program! And the new camera? SUPER AWESOME.

I know that I've only scratched the surface of the program and equipment, but I'm a little sad to see this week go...especially knowing that there'll be darn little opportunity to play around with it again in this manner for months.

But it was nice to be a beginner for a while. Low expectations, time to play. Good stuff!

Other things that were good about this week? I had some great conversations with unexpected folks...good, thoughtful discussions, brainstorming sessions, shared stories of the hopeful and sad flavors both.

The end of 2010 felt stingy to me...I was stingy in attitude towards loved ones and colleagues, frustrated that I wasn't anywhere close to the center of attention, and feeling overextended and underappreciated. But over the last week I've found a little more to be nice to strangers, to give my hubs more help, to ask what might be needed of me, rather than what obligations I can rid myself from. I'm feeling more generous, if cautiously so.

Anyhoo, it's a wonderful start. Here's hoping that this room, this generosity of spirit, is the thing that carries me through until the start of 2012.

And, in the spirit of generosity? Fun things I've found (aka LINK-O-RAAAAMAAAAA!!!)
  • oh sweet Jeebus I can't wait to come home to this on a cold winter's night. 
  • "Choreography" for EVERYONE! (Seriously, the related Beyonce mash-up is MONEY.)
  • I think I might need one of these.
  • Is it just me, or does this remind you of a Star Wars still?
  • Bring on the vulgar music!
  • This guy is one of my new favorite dudes in all of webdom. His archive is totally worth checking out.
  • I don't enter the political/religious sphere very often, and this is a probably hypocritical, but I do like this very much.
  • I know I'm going to have a good day! My parking spot told me so!
  • Woof, indeed.
  • I am going to carry this around my neck on stingy days...
  • ...and then I will remember this and stop whining.
My five:
  1. Skype.
  2. The luxury of being a novice.
  3. House Hunters International
  4. Work and "work." (Maybe had a little of both this week.)
  5. Vacation time with the hubs. WEDNESDAY!!!

Au revoir, video aspirations. Gloria,  dahling, bid the good man adieu....


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