Am I an A+? Or a D-? I can't TELL!!!

We get so used to measuring our progress in school... all of those assessments meant to tell us whether or not we're making the grade. But in real life? There are fewer opportunities to see if you're on track. I mean, I can't really tell if I've lost or gained weight (unless the pants are snug...but as someone who favors skirts, I can go a long while without straining against denim seams...) or gotten better or worse at things. Am I getting dumber? Boy, I feel that way sometimes. Most days I just kinda bob along, hoping that I'm doing the right thing, striving in some nebulous manner to get better, do more, try different things, stretch myself. Sometimes I feel like I'm making progress, and some times of year (notably January, but also back-to-school, and bathing-suit season for some), naturally give us yardsticks to chart our progress.

Most days? I just bob.

But once in a while I get evidence that yes, I do somewhat know what I'm doing.

I had a short meeting with two colleagues who are fairly new to the organization, who are responsible for finding a candidate for a contract position. And they were overwhelmed...who to talk to, what questions to ask...with the task in general.

But this task? Was totally in my sweet spot. Yesssss!

It's a rare day when I feel both confident AND helpful at the same time.

A rare, good day.

My five:
  1. Daydreaming of a getaway with hubs.
  2. Finding a video-editing groove.
  3. New haircut! It's shorter, with subtle highlights, and makes me feel like a million bucks.
  4. Chocolate peppermint candy...I might be addicted.
  5. Yoga and running. Might be my new favorite exercise combo!


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