Dogged perseverance. Or, Lessons I've learned from Boo, part #879.

We're walking around the neighborhood on our evening constitutional. It's dark, but I'm trying to go a little farther than normal...he's been cooped up in the house all day, and the cold doesn't bother him, so it's incumbent on me to suck it up and walk a little more.

We turn a corner, and Boo picks up his pace. Weird...he usually only does that when he sees something or someone he knows and loves.

In a few steps, the reason for the speed is obvious: the Feed store is on this block. It's like doggie Chuck E., food everywhere, and the folks who work there fuss over Boo like he's a rock star.

I try to cajole him past the store. I bribe him with a treat. He takes the treat, and then sits his caboose in the middle of the parking lot. Dude will NOT budge. Unless, of course, we're heading towards the door. I cave.

We walk into the store. I declare upon entry that we're just visiting, that I didn't bring my wallet. El Diablo? Totally loses his mind. Running between the clerks, frantically trying to obey the commands of the lady with the treat jar (Sit! Down! Don't you want my paw? Shake? Shaaaaaake!!!), pilfering from the treat bins. One of the clerks, after loving the dog up, gives him a big treat and says "It's on me. He's such a happy guy!"

Boo practically dragged me the half-mile home, he was so eager to eat that treat.

Dogged (get it?) perseverance? In. Full. View. With nothing more than a big, joyous doggie smile, and an unwillingness to budge from the goal, my boy got exACTly what he wanted.

It's a good lesson, no?

My five:
  1. Homemade mushroom soup with toasted walnuts and thick peasant bread. Hearty, good-for-you vegetarian food? Yes please!
  2. Teal toenail polish. I have no idea if it's cool or in, but I like it!
  3. New books.
  4. Exfoliant and moisturizer. Serious lifesavers.
  5. Silly, happy, cuddly pets.


vkwheels said…
I'd like to apply this lesson, but since I rarely get treats even when I'm good, i don't see anyone handing me a latte for when I really dig in my heals

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