it's eeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrly.

Our little house got up WAY before dawn this morning to take the hubster to the airport. Now, I have well-documented early bird tendencies, but they're lately less of a natural state and more of a habit...meaning that if the critters in my house would allow me to sleep past 7am? I would do so more often. Much more often. I drove the truck back from the airport - it actually might've been the first time I've driven the truck. Crazy! - and freaked myself out when after clearing the airport exit a little exclamation point light came on. (I broke the truck before I even got it home??? AAAUUUGGHH!) A quick google search proved that it's the tire pressure light...and I'm guessing that driving in the freezing cold will cause the tire pressure to lower. So the truck isn't broken, I'm safely home, Hubby is safely on a plane to lovely warm Miami (where I will join him later this week - YAY!), and I have a whole day in front of me to play with.

The possibilities? Truly endless!

I'm starting with another cup of coffee, steel-cut oatmeal, and Austin City Limits. Jakob Dylan started off the morning with an acoustic set, and now a girl named Carrie Rodriguez is kinda rocking my world. Other things I'm hoping to do today? (Besides jacking up the heat in the house to something sub-tropical?) Well, getting up enough courage to walk the dog several times in the cold is sadly non-negotiable. Also, I'm hoping to either run or catch a yoga class that kicked my butt last week (oh, chataranga...that hovering stuff KILLS me!), and to get more new, fun things to read. And, after having the cable guy come to the house yesterday, I can now rearrange the bedroom furniture! (And  perhaps I'll buy & install curtains? I know, living on the edge...) If I get ambitious, I might venture out for a pedicure, too...since I'll be in sandals in three short days!

Whew. Lots of fun stuff, mostly to keep me distracted from hubby's absence. Hoping also that a nap is in the cards for today...

I hope your Sunday has more fun than work in it, and that your toes stay toasty on this chilly January day!

My five:
  1. Polarfleece.
  2. Shaking things up...routines, furniture, all of it!
  3. Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee....
  4. Having a vegetarian, tv-optional day.
  5. Cartoons. (I may just have to watch Despicable Me again.)


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