Miami 2011

Oh, Lordy. Where to begin?

Besides the amazing decadence of feeling warm air on one's toes in the middle of January? I do believe that true luxury is the ability to seek outdoor comfort regardless of the season. In my personal paradise you'd likely find me shuttling between Maine or Quebec in the summers and someplace decidedly more equatorial in the winters. I'd spend autumns in the NY-PA-MD-VA region. Springtime? Well, I've heard that Paris is lovely in the springtime...maybe that's the next trip to take!

In actuality, Miami was a little cold for sunbathing during this trip...I may or may not have shimmied down to my bathing suit yesterday in the 70 degree weather, but the days preceding were most decidedly clothing days. (Not for everyone though...nooooo. Miami seems to also cloud peoples' good sense sometimes...) But they were lovely days. I took leisurely jogs down a beautifully manicured boardwalk (and stopped to pet the cats that live all along the beach. Beach cat is a profession I could aspire to.), had a truly fantastic massage, sipped pre-noon cocktails, shopped (and this store? with its amazing vintage sewing machines? and antique lighting instruments? and sales??? I am a new, non-traditional (ahem) devotee.), ate, and explored, all the while getting some awesome catch-up time with a newly relaxed Hubs. We caught up with the Struggle, dodged the hordes on South Beach to see some great Art Deco architecture, and watched some football. (RAWR.) We ate some of the best pizza I've ever had, and drank one of the worst cocktails I've ever had. (Ugh. If you're missing an ingredient, don't assume you can omit it and still have the drink taste good.) I read a great book on Cleopatra and another about a Mexican-American novelist. I watched girls at the Lincoln Mall teeter on stiletto heels, craning their necks for any sign of celebrity.

Mostly? I loafed around. I reveled in the weather, in my hubby's silly sense of humor, in our good fortune to be able to travel to a warm place on a cold day. I sang the praises of the loving lady who watched El Diablo while we were gone. And I counted myself amazingly lucky. I don't believe in absolutes, and I do know how quickly things can change. But somehow all of that made this short respite all the more sweet.

(El Diablo, however, is planning our next vacation...seems he's found himself a lady friend while we've been gone! Currently he's laying on the floor, napping/pining for his love/waiting to return to the most magical of places, Parker's Paws.)

And now we're home. And hubby is napping on the couch, El Diablo curled at his feet, the cat nestled happily behind his knees. There's a playoff football game on the tube. And I am again feeling pretty amazingly lucky.

My five:
  1. Anonymous kindnesses...there were tiny handfuls of cat food up and down the boardwalk for the local cats.
  2. Poolside/beachside bars. Wait...I'll stick this flag in the sand and you'll bring me a delicious beverage? YES.
  3. Beautiful, unexpected scenery.
  4. Good conversation.
  5. A day of respite before heading back to work.


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