a moment of silence.

The TV news has been lighting up with stories about the passing of Sargent Shriver.

He was a pretty amazing man.

When we moved into our first house, way out in Potomac, we'd pass his family's home. You could see very little of it, as there were man-made rolling hills on the sides fronting the roads, but we all knew that it was their house. ("house" being relative: we lived in the same zip code, but I'm pretty sure that their pool house was larger than my townhouse.)

I remember being at a small restaurant in the town plaza for a late lunch one day with two colleagues from one of my lovely grad-school part-time jobs. The restaurant was sandwiched between the state store and a CVS...it was nothing fancy, but they had fanTAStic burgers and crab cakes, and was close to home. At the end of the meal, my friend D said "Watch this..." She was a great people-watcher, and could recognize celebrity anywhere. Anyway, a large, bald gentleman walks across the restaurant and approaches a frail older man and someone who looks to be his son. And the bald man says "Sargent? I just wanted to introduce myself: John Glenn. (*shakes his hand*) I saw that your daughter was on TV this morning talking about her book - you must be so proud of her."

...at which point I stopped listening and put all my energy into NOT grabbing my cell phone and calling my dad to say "You'll NEVER GUESS WHO IS IN THIS RESTAURANT WITH ME!!!"

Crazy. It was my first brush with political celebrity, and it was pretty amazing.

Fast forward to today: the funeral announcement says that the service will be held up the street from my old house, in a church where I used to sub all the time. And the prayer service that's being televised live from Georgetown? Well, it's taking place on the same altar where hubby and I were married.

It's coincidence, certainly. But it makes me feel a little closer to this incredible man. Rest in peace, sir.

My five:
  1. Folks who leave a legacy of goodness.
  2. Director site visits - nice to remember why we push all this paper!
  3. Candy bars. 
  4. Big fuzzy sweaters and boots.
  5. My sweet hubster.


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