new year, new me?

It's haircut time.

I've been trying to let it grow. To acquire long, thick hair that I can toss around like a Breck girl. That I can braid and ponytail and French twist and curl.

My college roomie BB and I used to "coif" before performances/big events. Now, BB has Breck girl weighs a metric ton, has pretty natural highlights in front, and has a lovely, subtle wave to it. It is covetable hair, and boy I did covet. We'd cover our heads in hot rollers and AquaNet, tease the bejeezus out of it, and create full scaffoldings of bobby pins to support our hair. 

Hers always looked gorgeous. Mine? Well, she did the best she could...and she was good - now she's a makeup artist!

The problem? Well, my hair is not Breck girl hair. It's super fine. (And likely more than a little grey at the roots.) And now that the days of "coif" are over, I hate messing with it. Ponytails are not my style. Braids are not me. And now that my hair is to the base of my neck (which is LONG for me), it's straggly and begging to be put out of its misery.

So, shorter! (And scarfs! Because it's cold on naked necks in the winter!)

The one area that I'm happy to dabble in is color. I'm currently sporting a dark dark brown, but in the past have worn my hair blond-highlighted, auburn, copper-penny, even burgundy.  But I'm thinking that it might be time for a change. And while I think I'll save platinum for the summer (RIGHT??? I might indeed do it!), I think it's time to retire the goth look for a while.

I didn't make resolutions per se this year, for a million reasons. But I am trying to keep a few things in is to try new things, to get out of my happy rut/comfort zone. Maybe this is an opportunity?

My five:
  1. Tea in the morning instead of coffee.
  2. Sunrises. This morning's was especially striking!
  3. Wooly socks.
  4. Ridiculously affectionate pets.
  5. Hubs. Borrowed my car yesterday and TOTALLY cleaned and reorganized (wait, did I say "re"? I meant "organized") it for me.


Brenda said…
OMG - I should totally find the pix of the crazy makeup job you did on yourself (was it for Dido & Aeneas?). It was the BOMB.
rahree said…
I have no memory of that! DO find the picture - i'd love to see it!
xoxo, Breck Girl. :)

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