The sky is freezing! The sky is freezing!!!

I will never, ever get used to the DC area news. Especially the weather-related news...I am totally unable to inure myself to the hype machine. After returning from balmy Florida, I turned on the tube and there they were, telling me that if I were so dumb as to venture out into the weather this weekend I'd be rewarded with frostbite or something equally unpleasant.

Brr. It took very little convincing that an immediate and freezy death would overtake me should I leave my house. 

So yesterday. I begged the hubby to walk the dog, and started a huge work project on my laptop. (that has totally sucked up my weekend. blargh.) I did laundry, made some chili, and started writing/doodling in an actual, pen-and-paper journal. (It's my second. Ever. In my whole life. I had a diary for several adolescent years, but didn't really get into writing every few days until, well, this blog. Someday I'll post an entry or two here for your amusement. LAWDY it's bad.) I lit candles and played in the wax. I avoided the outdoors.

I ventured out in four shirts, wool socks, a down vest and my warmest tennis-ball hat (It's fuzzy and chartreuse, with a brim. It looks horrible on me. I think that's why I love it so.) to walk the dog around 4pm.

And guys? I DIDN'T DIE. I didn't freeze to death! My fingers got a little burny-feeling when the sun went down, but I was largely ok after a 2.5 mile walk.

So today, after walking the dog  I pulled on my cold-weather running gear (i.e. those clothes in which I look even more sausage-like than usual.) and ran.

For over 3 miles.

And finally got my time under a 10 minute mile!

(Except that I wasn't trying...I had on my slow-running mix and was just moseying through the neighborhood.)

So all you weather folks? Trying to panic me into buying bread and milk and not leaving the house in the cold weather? Because the cold will kill me?

Y'all can SUCK IT.

My five:
  1. New sneakers. Wheeeeee!!! I'm SO FAST!
  2. Surprising myself.
  3. Clean house.
  4. Steeler game on TV.
  5. Blank pages.


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