this cure doesn't come in a Rx bottle...

(I may be dead before I finish this post...nay, before I start it. The cat has lost his little kitty mind and is dive-bombing me from the windowsills. The intent is to maim, if not kill outright, I feel sure....the malicious little bastard.)

So it's Friday. Which is AWESOME. Because I have a real reason to walk away from work.

...which is weird, because usually I'm totally ok with made-up reasons to walk away from work.
(my phone is dead!)
(I'm "unavailable" because my favorite store at the mall is having their "Let's have a sale! Again!" Sale.)
(I'm trying to teach myself how to nap. Zzzzzzzzz.)

Lately, however, my conscious mind is finding anxiety to be fascinating and please-can-i-have-some-more tasty.

Not. Cool.

So, work! A rare lunch out courtesy of my boss (do we spend too much time together if we order the same thing off the menu? because KPW and my hubby are close to being tied. I may need to expand my circle of friends just so I have someone else's dinner to taste once in a while! although it's nice to have one's good taste corroborated by other, quality, people...ahem...), and a nifty French horn concert (- show of hands, how many people never thought they'd see "nifty" and "French horn" in the same sentence?? too.) were lovely bookends to a day of waiting for puzzle pieces to fall into place. There are a few aspects of my job that, if rushed, always turn out poorly. And those are PRECISELY the things I'm trying to rush.


It's always been my M.O. when I'm nervous - get it done as quickly as possible, and shine it up later. But, for an AMAZING number of things? Well, that strategy doesn't so much cannot, in fact, shine a turd.

Patience. The universe reeeeally wants me to put my money where my mouth is and get comfortable with gray areas, with discomfort, with uncertainty, with waiting. I feel like I'm being given baby steps...
from the last trip...'09??

(Which, in and of itself? Is terrifying.)

To combat the terror? A night with the girls. Since two of my call-in-the-middle-of-the-night-when-the-world-is-ending girlies still live in Pittsburgh, we've picked a little town about halfway between there and here for a night of wine-drinking, good food eating, and big-scale kibbitzing. There's a nice hotel with a swimming pool and a scenic lake, and a charming town nearby. I'm throwing clothes into a bag first thing tomorrow morning, picking up some lovely French wine en route, and singing my fool head off for several hours as I drive to Western Maryland. We may be emptying out coke bottles to fill with wine so that we can drink at the "no alcoholic beverages" pool. We're going to talk our fool heads off...and maybe save the world while we're at it.

(Think of it as the  Sancerre edition of the Butterfly Effect.)


I can't WAIT.

 My five:
  1. Spending the morning singing at the top of my fool lungs.
  2. Reunions. I love those girls.
  3. Reading more, surfing less...this video thing is totally good for something!
  4. Smartwool socks. BEST SOCKS EVER.
  5. Mix tapes...did you pick up your mix? If you did, share your fav tunes with me! (Please??)


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