feeling contrary.

I spent today intentionally doing things that are out of my usual purview.

(However, because I'm a first-born and I like to be the good child? I did get some laundry and a large chunk of work done. But I worked it in when I wasn't going to be irritated by its sheer existence.)

(I guess this is as rebellious as I get while still feeling good?)

(How lame.)

(Moving on...)

I read in bed. I sang and played and recorded. I futzed around with Garage Band. I wrote in my pen-and-ink journal. I daydreamed big dreams. I bought new toys for the furries and played for a good part of the afternoon. I made pasta for dinner, with an herb sauce that demanded a whole lot of chopping.

(I love chopping. I'd make an excellent sous chef. Or rather, a mediocre but REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC sous chef.)

I thought about signing up for a class. (The heavy lifting will have to wait unti after this summer's over, I'm afraid.) I took a long walk in the rain with El Diablo. I returned phone calls...within the hour. (That's a biggie, as my subconscious has decided that every phone call is bound to be bad, heartbreaking news. Where did this come from?) I tried to not beat myself up for skipping the gym, and instead tried to pamper my knees that are protesting so loudly. I dogeared magazine photos of kitchens and cool backyards. I read my friend Jenn's blog and pledged that I would eat mindfully and try to be kinder to myself and those around me.

(I then ate three lemon curd mini tarts straight from my freezer. They were on my mind, and made me a much nicer person. Promise.)

I'd say that this is a short week, but Friday will be a long day with a cool performance at the end. So I'm taking what's left of the evening to read, watch tv (it's a toss up between  bravo tv and real estate tv...totally predictable), and veg. Here's wishing you a lovely week, with all the kindnesses you need...even if they're wedged into spaces that you almost overlook.

(Or maybe that's just me.)

My five:

  1. Getting creative. Boy, do I need to work that into my daily routine...too much left brain stuff is a drag.
  2. Playful, snuggly pets. It's amazing that I got ANYTHING done today.
  3. Sales. I'm bummed that Borders has filed for Chapter 11, but am psyched to add Bullfinch's Mythology, Mark Bittman, and Calvino's Italian folktales to my library. 
  4. Daydreaming. 
  5. Generosity.


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