Lazy Sunday.

I know that I don't really have it in me to be a lady of leisure. I tried, back in my first year of teaching, to take a whole summer off.

I lasted all of 3 weeks before admitting that I was going totally batshit crazy. After starting and finishing all of the small "Boy, if I only had the time..." projects, and staring down the barrel of "wow...if I start this and love it, it could totally change my life..." projects, I found the second category way too scary. So I stayed up all night reading and drank wine and cooked and tried to avoid cleaning and went to the gym twice a day and walked to the store and to the park and to the museum for three weeks before that inner crazy-lady monologue got too loud to live with.  And then I got the first retail job I could find, just to get myself out of the house and onto a schedule...

But today? On a sunny Sunday morning after a great Saturday night spent with friends, when my house is clean? When an insane summer is visible on the horizon? When I've already spent an hour outside with the dog, tidying up the yard (sticks! tennis balls! a random pink feather!)? When I'm looking at that second category and thinking "hmmmm...."?

Well, sometimes I think about giving the Lady of Leisure thing another try.

My five:

  1. Having Monday off...aaahhhh...
  2. Austin City Limits. Aimee Mann, Cee Lo Green and Thievery Corporation, all in one morning.
  3. Thoughtful hubs: a man who senses that I'm having a rough morning and brings me flowers, bread, cheese (three kinds!) and chocolate? Rock. Star.
  4. Books! Finished this one, just started this one.
  5. Sunshine.


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