red banner day

So, I've been a bit of a Grumpy McBitcherson lately.

(And let's be honest - it's likely not over yet...)

But today? Was a really good day!

Firstly, it was a split day...went in regular time, took a few hours off mid-day, and then came back mid-afternoon and worked until the end of the show. PERFECT!

During that mid-day hiatus? Well, the weather went totally psycho. Sunny! Pouring rain! Gusty Winds! Sunny again! Pouring again! It was crazy...but crazily perfect in the fact that, when I went home to let the dog out it was warm and beautifully sunny. I had a lovely half-hour on the porch while El Diablo drooled into the wind as I ate my soup.

And then, as I ran an errand? Torrential downpours. Glad I brought my umbrella! (-ella, ella, ella)

(Wow. That's an OLD joke. I am, in fact, still lame.)

I met my trainer for a tune-up...and while she totally put me through my paces (there will be no comedy in my life tomorrow, as I think I'll be needing a sling for my abs...ow.), she also complimented me on my tush. It might have been the first time ever...YES!!!!

I went back to work and tried to crank out some email between power outages (go gusty winds!), with some success. And the scenes assignments are finally in the hands of the studio singers...HUZZAH! And the Ninja Jewelry Fairy left a beautiful pair of earrings on my desk!

(Admit it - you're jealous that I have a Jewelry Fairy...and a stealthy, Ninja Jewelry Fairy, at that!)

But the coolest part of the evening? Tonight's show...a multimedia meditation on what being "American" really means. It was both thoughtful and thought-provoking without being preachy. The Cypress Quartet started with a Barber adagio, played from memory in pitch darkness. That opening might've been my favorite moment of theatre in a while...lovely. And even more lovely? The fact that 140 high school kids were in the audience, and enjoyed it as much as I did. (No texting or snoring! Polite applause! Really, they were model citizens.)

Home on the early side. Glass of wine, cheese toast, piece of chocolate.

I needed a day like today. Didn't realize it until it happened, but I totally needed it.

My five:

  1. A great boss. Grateful for her example and her trust, and our mutual love of snacks. (I'm changing the slogan this year from "Horseville, Switzerland" to "Snackville, Switzerland"...the land of neutral stress-eaters.)
  2. A coffee maker with a timer. Even though I set it every night, I still feel a little bit pampered the next morning. Oh look! Someone's made coffee! How lovely!
  3.  Disapproving rabbits. Moving up in my personal lexicon.
  4. Small moments that remind me that I'm still an artist, even if I sit behind a desk most of the time.
  5. Having a day with very little on the docket.
And for you? The front runner in my workout mix. I love this tune!


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