...I might actually have a scenes program! And role studies! Granted, it's largely due to the marvelous GL, who came to the table with great ideas and listened to me ramble endlessly as I tried to figure things out. But I'm still relieved as all get out to email folks and give them their assignments.

Progress, people. It's called progress.

(It's also called Stepping Away From The Endless Possibilities. There's a time to investigate every corner, and time to commit. We're at walking-down-the-aisle time. No cold feet allowed.)

After work I made a huge pot of what may indeed be my best beef soup to date...carmelized onions, mushrooms, a little bit of red wine and a parmesan rind. I could eat the whole thing, seriously. And, since hubby is working late again, I just may.

(Hubby's hours? Getting old. FAST. While the inevitable payback is scheduled for the summer when I'm busy, I'm having a hard time remembering that when my kitchen is full of food and my husband is at work late.)

But something that's making me feel more generous? This little tune. Totally. Charming.

My five:

  1. Jeans on Thursday. 
  2. A group of over 100 high school kids coming to our show tomorrow night. AWESOME!
  3. Dad's Bulova watch. My talisman.
  4. Ridiculous messages from my awesome brother, the only man who can make me shoot beverages out of my nose at his whim.
  5. Completing a task. Rather, actively completing a task, not just letting it rest in the "Problems Time Has Solved" pile.


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