things are looking up!

Did you notice that it's staying lighter longer in the evening? I know - not rocket science, happens every year. But those extra minutes of light do WONDERS for my state of mind. And, though Boo and I end our walks in the dark, we're making it farther each night in daylight. It's good.

Other good things:

  • Mom finally got an offer on her house! It wasn't the right offer, but it got her thinking. I can't imagine how difficult it must be, trying to move on after Dad's she said, your spouse is the one family member that you get to choose. But I'm so proud of her for shaking things up a little bit, even if she decides to stay put. (And mom? Kristie says she'll help you pack...she doesn't want you to be struggling to find things like you would if I were in charge.)(My friends are awesome.)
  • Hubby's working late this evening, which means that my evening has fewer parameters than usual. Boo and I did a little more than 2 miles, and I came home and made a big ol' remedial omelet (sauteed onions, mushrooms and spinach with a little bit of boursin cheese and eggs - scrambled, as omelet-making is not in my skill set.), grabbed a glass of wine, turned on Top Chef reruns and grabbed a few magazines and my new book. (Just finished this one, by the way - and LOVEDlovedloved it! Reader alert - sweet, happy ending. Which makes me love it even more.)
  • In less than six weeks there will be opera in the building. Six. Weeks. But yay for singers! Having the artists in the building is much more gratifying than working without them, for sure...that daily dose of inspiration works wonders!  By the way, if you're not working for us but would like to see me before 2012, you should call me or come visit before this window's a jam-packed year!
  • Hubby did super well in the V-tines gift category...might've been his strongest showing ever! Flowers, candy, a new outfit (?!? CRAZY!), and a big tapestry purse that I love...I could've sworn that, had I picked it up and said "do you like this?" that his answer would've been "why would you want to carry around a carpet remnant as a purse?" Here's a toast to being surprised by your spouse...even after being together for over a decade. (Whoa. When the hell did THAT happen?)
  • Related to the above post, blessings on the Anthropologie sales associate who helped my hubby. You did good, girl. 
  • I may have unpacked a summer dress or two to wear with t-shirts, as Friday is supposed to dip into the 70s. (YES.)
  • Phone calls and texts and messages from my girls. It's obvious, but friends are AWESOME. 
  • We signed up for a very interesting 1k...I'll give you a full report. 
In the marginal category:
  • I think I've lost my iPod. It's thrown me off my game in the workout department BIG TIME. I'm trying to get back into running, but when I don't have the right music I tend to push too hard at the beginning and fry myself after a mile or so. And I have playlists and running trackers on my phone, but I haven't figured out the best configuration of things. Too much/little  technology is No. Fun. 
  • The iPod loss is compounded by the fact that I'm running a 10 miler in April. Which isn't really that far away...especially considering the amount of training that I've been regularly blowing off...
  • Work is stressful. Wah, wah, wah. I know. But things are tenser than usual...compounded by the number of projects and such, I'm sure... but things are just tense, and a solution isn't readily apparent. 
In the non-related category:
  • I've been journalling more lately. Pen-and-ink. I think it's good for me.
  • A college friend, PB, took shoemaking classes. Subsequently, I am completely OBSESSED with taking a shoemaking class. While there's no time to add extra-curriculars until after the audition tour (seriously. *sigh*), I'll be doing some big-time investigating over the next several months. 
  • KPW sent this goes into the gallery with "Mouse....treeeeeeeat." Sheer. Genius.
  • I took a new class at the gym over the aerobics class, but with affirmations, like yoga. Except you say the affirmations a LOT. LOUDLY. I'm still cringing inwardly when I remember the way the class felt...but I wore my heart-rate monitor, and I WORKED. Like, seriously worked during the, do I go back and resign myself to feeling awkward? Or do I walk away and try something else? I'm really not sure.
And my five:
  1. Manageable to-do lists. They may only exist in my dreams, but that's OK...
  2. Warmer weather...while I'm not ready for summer, the respite from 20 degrees is so blessedly welcome.
  3. Navy. 
  4. Mushrooms.
  5. Lazy evenings.
And, for your viewing pleasure? A riff on #3.


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