do the right thing?

So, we almost adopted a dog this weekend.


We've been talking about getting a puppy so that El Diablo has a pal, but there's no time for training a newcomer until, well, 2012.

On Wednesday I got an email from the service that we use to walk Boo when I'm out of town. 9 year-old female lab needs a home. Clean bill of health, needs to be placed immediately.

Female. No housebreaking needed. Old enough to play, but not so old as to have serious issues. Hmmmm....Hubs and I talk, and we decide that we should meet the dog and see if she and Boo get along.

Then we learn that she is a he. And his name is Lucky. (Just like our cat! Is that coincidence? Is it meant to be?) And he's thirteen.


I'm at this point even more determined to give this old man a new home.

We meet him. He is a big, sweet, goofy yellow lab. And he was totally overwhelmed by the park. Turns out he's been held in a basement (!) for hours at a time, and was just dropped off when the original owner's wife no longer wanted to care for him. He's covered in big, fatty tumors. And he pulls me all over the park, sniffing and marking, not registering that there's someone on the end of the leash.

Doubt sets in. How will I walk two of these big, willful guys at the same time? Are his hips good enough to get up and down all the stairs in my house? Why is he humping my dog?

We left the park, and slept on it.

And it seemed like the wrong fit. And I was heartbroken, and feeling so guilty. I wanted it to be the right choice.

I got an email from the family today. They placed him, in a home that's close to the sister's office, so she can visit. It's the best of all possible outcomes for this sweet old man.

Today's lesson? (And a good one for me to keep at the front of my brain over the next several months?) Don't force it. Sometimes a little time sorts things out, and in the sorting things work out for the best.

My five:

  1. Exercise. I feel so much better afterwards...and need to stop fooling myself that I don't need so much of it.
  2. Crazy hair. It's taking some getting used to, but I mostly dig it. People do look at me like I'm nuts, though...it's a little bit liberating! (the outside matches the inside!)
  3. Tater soup. It took everything I had to A.) make bacon for hubby's portion and B.) not eat any. I was victorious! But sad. Victorious and sad.
  4. Late workdays - starting at 10 tomorrow. Wheeeee!
  5. Happy endings. Congratulations to lucky Lucky and his new owner!



is the sincerest form of flattery. Obvs.

Protesting the cold weather by getting a sassy new 'do? Check. Thanks for the inspiration, momma!


...wake me up in May...

This happens every year. Honestly, every year.

Making the transition from long-range planning to drop-everything-and-deal-with-it.

Or, as we think of it? Getting into the Whack-a-Mole groove.

'Tis time. A month and a half earlier than normal. I now officially need to answer my phone every time it rings/beeps/vibrates, from now until September. I need to juggle seventeen things but be willing (and able) to drop all 17 at the drop of a hat...or, more likely, a phone call/text message/IM. The best case scenarios involve touching a million things superficially (proofing copy, following intern emails, tracking down tax forms) and three or four things intensely (contract language...philosophical discussions on organizational direction...prioritizing thoughtfully.)

I like this time of year. I'm good at these things, the gear shifts and such, for the most part. I  love the added energy of rehearsal, production, problem-solving on the fly...there's an element of improvisation in  production that doesn't exist in our winter framework, and I'm always surprised at how much I miss it.

But I'm caught a skosh off guard. After two days in the office with some teeny whacking jobs? I'm tired. Like, home+dinner+walk the dog+ bed tired. And it's WAY too early in the year to be this tired after a totally civilized week in the office.

After all, it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

(Whack-a-mole and snow do not coexist in my world!)

But the fact that they are happily coexisting this year? Well, if nothing else it makes me totally interested in seeing what else this crazy-ass year will bring.

(One thing it's going to bring? Blonde. I have an appointment with a new hair stylist tomorrow morning - Wish me luck!)

(Another thing that it could bring? A new dog. Meeting a grandpa lab whose owner moved to Europe and couldn't place him...we'll see how he and Boo get along. Maybe this old guy will be more my speed!)

My five:

  1. A lazy Friday night in...stockpiling energy (and sleep!) for the onslaught of a summer we have planned.
  2. Tortellini with shallot-herb butter, toasted walnuts and a poached egg. Some days this vegetarian thing is soooooo easy. (and tasty!)
  3. The sound of peaceful snoring.
  4. Family: the only people you can butt-dial repeatedly without having to apologize. 
  5. House Hunters International - planning my escape to Costa Rica...



Today was the first day of whack-a-mole.

(And I kinda loved it.)

KPW - (I gotta find a new nickname for her...something short and catchy and cool... thinking...) is out of the office for a few days, so we were pouring over a few tings that need to happen while she's gone. So we were in the thick of that great information-sharing, mind meld that doesn't EVER happen during the winter. She's great - always patient with me, and after today I feel good about getting things done while she's out. 

I have to say, It's pretty awesome to adore your work colleagues... I'm a lucky girl. :)

In other news? I came home to find men in the trees around my home. 

And they were all holding chainsaws

(Cue the Hitchcockian violins...)

But it's cool...a crew thinned out our trees, took down the poor, ravaged cedar that stood at the corner (and stacked the big pieces of fragrant wood near our shed... smells divine!) and I'm thrilled that they salvaged the glass ornament that I had hanging from a low branch. 

And in other, other news? I got mail! I went to the mailbox to get the daily assortment of bills and magazines, and nestled therein was a big ol' manilla envelope, addressed to me! With hearts and daisies drawn on it, the way we would've adorned a middle school note back-in-the-day. Inside? A Hall and Oats cd and super-sour gumballs.


(For the record? Totally awesome. Who sends quality snail mail anymore? My girl Jenny does - that's who!)

So, I'm paying it forward. Email me (lmyslewski@gmail.com) with your addy, and I will send you a surprise, snail-mail style. No promises as to content, but I promise that it will arrive in your mailbox (with stamps and EVERYTHING!), will NOT be a bill, solicitation or magazine, and that it will be FUN.

Well, FUN and/or RIDICULOUS. 

But I guarantee that it will not be a bill.

(Doubts? Take me up on it. You could live in Timbuktu - I still bet I could get it there...)

My five:
  1. What Not To Wear - tonight's victim has me seriously contemplating super-short hair.
  2. Squash...making temporary vegetarianism possible since March 9th, 2011.  
  3. The smell of cedar.
  4. Switching up the routine.
  5. Knowing some of the answers to some of the questions. Boy, when I was a teacher anything I said was automatically fact...and 90% of this job is the exact opposite. But when world collide it makes me feel fanTAStic. 


the starting gun is raised...

....and we're almost off!

Stage management arrived today, on the wings of some very warm breezes...and ushered in the unmistakable feeling of summer.

In March.


But it's great - the energy level has ratcheted up, even if the focus hasn't matched pace. Things are happening, changing, morphing...and the atmosphere is feeling familiar, in that whack-a-mole kind of way. And while there's so very much to be done, having JR in the building reminds us that the fun stuff will happen soon enough.

In other "news", I'm trying to keep up with my Lenten disciplines...I'm doing pretty well with one, but have let all the others fall to the wayside. Time to get back onto the horse! And We've been trying to spruce up the house with some new furniture and odds and ends - and I've resurrected a lovely antique sideboard for a new purpose...and have made my best attempt to fix the broken door. We'll see tonight whether it will hold!

And some things that I'm loving:

  • This. Oh-my-sweet-heavens is it good! And while I'm only eating a spoonful at a time, you'd be surprised at exactly how MUCH I can fit on a spoon...so good.
  • Cannot WAIT for this. (Do. NOT. Mock. Me.)
  • I am infatuated with this. Impractical? Heck yeah. But I still LOVE it.
  • I made my mom watch this. And Juliet. Now my mom wants a SGF.
  • Is this really news? I think we ALL know someone who fits this bill...
  • Love.
  • Also? Love. (Hit the archives - so worth it.)
And finally? A voice that I just stumbled across and love.

My five:

  1. Energy! Boy, have I needed some!
  2. Silliness. Ditto for that, too.
  3. Waking up to crazy thunder and lightning.
  4. A great book to dive into.
  5. Wearing sandals outside.



Boy, if my moods swung any more, I'd have clockmakers knocking down my door. For. Shiz.

But tonight? I'm happily ensconced in happy mood...good dinner, looooong walk around the neighborhood avec Boo, and a plethora of magazines to scroll through, meaning I'll be spending a little less time on the computer. (My colleague KPW went tech-free over Christmas, and I'm growing steadily more fond of the idea of being untethered, even if it's not so possible right now.)

Also this song - which, had I known the name of the band, I likely would've changed the channel - just came on the tube. Followed by what might be the greatest workout song EVER.

(Dang, I love that tune.)

Also, Dooce (if you don't know who she is I might tease you about living under an internet rock) posted a great set of mash-ups. I am totally partial to the LL Cool J/Dexy & the Midnight Runners mashup. Because the world needs more violins + rap.

Add in some good news, some fun interviews for our summer intern positions, and gorgeous weather? And yep, today's squarely in the good category.

This evening I have some big work on the ol' Lenten discipline (if it's worth doing it's worth really doing, right?) and the related journaling. I won't lie...my friend Jenn is laying down the gauntlet in a wonderful way. But there are questions and feelings that I've dodged for years, and the process of taking them out of their boxes and examining them is pretty intense. Here's hoping that the journey is both helpful and telling.

Tomorrow is this show. I'm pretty psyched - haven't heard these guys since I was an undergraduate, but I adore their playing, and am SO excited that they're on my first season. Should be fun!

My five:

  1. Sunny days.
  2. Challenge.
  3. Productive conflict. (It's oceans different than 'conflict.')
  4. Making the effort.
  5. Sandals. Outside of the house. :)



I woke up in a good mood!

Sadly, it's been moving steadily south throughout the morning. I'm feeling marginalized, without a voice, and on the giving end of lots of relationships without getting much back. It's that dreaded "poor me" attitude that I can usually break free of with a good breakfast and a good sweat. But this morning, after a walk and a run, I'm feeling worse instead of better.

This spring/summer is going to be interesting. Evidently, my ability to let things slide has totally left me. I'm done sucking it up, putting on my nice face, apologizing for things that are not my fault.


So, dear friends, any advice on how to kick this soul-sucker of a mood?



Fat. Tuesday.

C'est aujourd'hui.

But this spring? I'm not making a weight-related Lenten sacrifice. It's not about my butt, or fitting into clothes or not jiggling.

It's about getting healthier. About tapping into that inner creativity, and not censoring the crazy ideas that show their face in my head. About acknowledging the things that make me uncomfortable, and taking steps to confront/appease/erase them.

So tomorrow is that most beautiful of things: the midweek clean slate. None of the pressure of Monday morning added to a mile-long list of good intentions. Nope. It's starting off a new lifestyle quietly, sans fanfare.

I will likely not be writing much here, as I'll be writing in a journal (pen and ink, baby!) and for a group of friendly FBers who are trying to live cleaner and more thoughtfully. But I'll be checking in, and will be back in force in April, just in time for the Inspector world premiere and the summer season.

In the meantime? Feel free to send me pictures of fabulous shoes. Sustenance, ladies and gents...I need sustenance!

My five:

  1. Skype chats.
  2. Staying connected.
  3. Silly, freakazoid pets. 
  4. A safe place to call home.
  5. Beef, key lime pie, and RT - a winning combination!  


girl time

i had girl time this weekend. a three hour hike on saturday, a cozy afternoon today. two ladies that i adore, but don't see very often.

you know how sometimes you don't know what you need until you find it? yep, this weekend was like that.

My five:

  1. Crock Pots. I tried the Airstream Diva's carnitas recipe tonight. BIG WIN. And capital-E-easy. Although strangely we didn't have very much left over...
  2. Holmes on Homes. Mike is so money.
  3. Rain on windowsills.
  4. Clean laundry.
  5. This book. I am a fan of Chuck.


Well, howdy 4am! Please don't f-up my day

We got up really, reeeeeeally early. Hours before sunrise. And, while I caffeinated and walked the dog in the cold, I was still not 100% awake. I had an appointment with the lovely and evil Lisa (my trainer), but didn't have the brain power to figure out the morning (shower and dress and run errands and then gym? run errands stinky and then gym? go back to bed?) not enough brain cells to parse the choices out on this particular morning, so I headed to the gym.

Before leaving? I picked up Just Kids from my bookshelf. It had come highly recommended, but I wasn't really convinced...I'm not a huge P. Smith fan, like her music (and her words), but always figured her for a heroin addict and less-than-sympathetic figure. But I figured I'd skim the first page, and put it back.

Instead? It totally grabbed me. I am loving her highly individual voice, her frankness, and the amazing life she's carved out of life and society's gray areas. It's fascinating.  (Side note - she's NOT a junkie! Who KNEW?)

Add to that a kick-ass morning at the gym (I may not be able to move my arms tomorrow. Lawdy.), a productive workday, a kick-ass chamber music concert (with a fabulous arrangement of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring arranged for woodwind quintet. Seriously.), and you'll find a girl who is having trouble falling asleep, even though she's been awake since 4:00 a.m.

Day WIN.

My five:

  1. Feeling good at the end of a long day.
  2. Inspiration.
  3. Confidence.
  4. Big daydreams.
  5. Stories. 
And, to share some happy with you? Smilemix, volume 1. They're not in any specific order, and they're not all happy, but they all make me smile when I hear them. And you can download them here. I'll try to put up a new batch every few weeks.


photo catch-up

Caveat: I'm not a photographer. My dad was, and I've been lucky enough as an adult to have friends with good equipment and even better eyes. (KPW, CM and LMB, I'ma looking at you.) But, as the only words that I seem of late to use on a regular basis are "herein" "moreover" and other bits of contract-ese?

A picture update. Insofar as one could call it by that name.

(LORDY. Make it STOP!)

Sunshine tastes good on my tongue!

Set up for the Cypress 4tet show

A green stinkbug? Nooooooo!

Who cares about the mud? Chuck the ball!

The folks with whom the Studio will be spending quality time..
My buddy VKW recently posted pics of her spicy new hairdo on FB...and, come next Wednesday? I might be doing the same...stay tuned!

Otherwise? Work blahblahblah, sick of the cold blahblahblah, same old same old. Things will be WAY more fun once the singers arrive! But, until then? Miles and miles to go.

This is the song that I've been yowling along to in the car for several days. It sits in my sweet spot, for sure. If you drive in my town, kindly disregard the lady who is singing a little TOO loudly at the stoplight. (Hey, at least it's too cold to roll the windows down...be grateful for small favors!)

My five:

  1. Concerts - always energizing.
  2. Polenta. I should not keep that stuff in my house. YUM.
  3. Stripping off makeup and work clothes immediately after work in favor of jammies.
  4. Buds and sunshine - gimme some flowers!
  5. Warm socks.


Yesterday my arch-nemesis Grumpy McBitcherson was in the house, having a pity party and charging the tab to my credit card.

(She's a total bitch.)

Today? She's in hiding, at least for the time being.

Hubs was up and out the door before the sun was up. (Gah. One of the best things about leaving teaching are the relatively leisurely mornings I now enjoy!) I downed my first cup of coffee (French roast, extra strong, put-hair-on-your-chest syrupy black. YES.), and leashed up El Diablo for our morning constitutional by the creek.

A few months ago - pre-Christmas, I think - we lost a tennis ball in the creek. An errant throw (who, me?) landed it on some ice, and we had to head home without it.

But this morning? WE FOUND THE BALL! And there was much doggie rejoicing!

Until another errant throw (who, me??) landed it in the very cold water. In which, being broken at the seam, it sunk.

Boo sat quite obediently by my side (although the panting and whining were a bit of a distraction) as I grabbed a series of twigs - thank you, recent windstorms! - to fish out the ball.

And fish out that damned nasty, broken, faded, sopping wet tennis ball I did.

And we recommenced the doggie rejoicing. Best. Ball. EVER!

Starting the day as someone's hero? (Even if they have an amazingly limited field of reference?) Feels pretty good. 

My five:
  1. Crazy, alter-the-perception-of-my-day dreams.
  2. Birdsong. It sounds like spring time, even if it is super chilly.
  3. Italian Folk Tales. I'm reading from this book before I go to bed.
  4. Sunshine.
  5. Good visits with neighbors and friends.

And, for your viewing pleasure? A blast from the past from my slow run playlist.