Fat. Tuesday.

C'est aujourd'hui.

But this spring? I'm not making a weight-related Lenten sacrifice. It's not about my butt, or fitting into clothes or not jiggling.

It's about getting healthier. About tapping into that inner creativity, and not censoring the crazy ideas that show their face in my head. About acknowledging the things that make me uncomfortable, and taking steps to confront/appease/erase them.

So tomorrow is that most beautiful of things: the midweek clean slate. None of the pressure of Monday morning added to a mile-long list of good intentions. Nope. It's starting off a new lifestyle quietly, sans fanfare.

I will likely not be writing much here, as I'll be writing in a journal (pen and ink, baby!) and for a group of friendly FBers who are trying to live cleaner and more thoughtfully. But I'll be checking in, and will be back in force in April, just in time for the Inspector world premiere and the summer season.

In the meantime? Feel free to send me pictures of fabulous shoes. Sustenance, ladies and gents...I need sustenance!

My five:

  1. Skype chats.
  2. Staying connected.
  3. Silly, freakazoid pets. 
  4. A safe place to call home.
  5. Beef, key lime pie, and RT - a winning combination!  


Anonymous said…
It's a process, my friend. One day at a time... All my best on your journey...

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