do the right thing?

So, we almost adopted a dog this weekend.


We've been talking about getting a puppy so that El Diablo has a pal, but there's no time for training a newcomer until, well, 2012.

On Wednesday I got an email from the service that we use to walk Boo when I'm out of town. 9 year-old female lab needs a home. Clean bill of health, needs to be placed immediately.

Female. No housebreaking needed. Old enough to play, but not so old as to have serious issues. Hmmmm....Hubs and I talk, and we decide that we should meet the dog and see if she and Boo get along.

Then we learn that she is a he. And his name is Lucky. (Just like our cat! Is that coincidence? Is it meant to be?) And he's thirteen.


I'm at this point even more determined to give this old man a new home.

We meet him. He is a big, sweet, goofy yellow lab. And he was totally overwhelmed by the park. Turns out he's been held in a basement (!) for hours at a time, and was just dropped off when the original owner's wife no longer wanted to care for him. He's covered in big, fatty tumors. And he pulls me all over the park, sniffing and marking, not registering that there's someone on the end of the leash.

Doubt sets in. How will I walk two of these big, willful guys at the same time? Are his hips good enough to get up and down all the stairs in my house? Why is he humping my dog?

We left the park, and slept on it.

And it seemed like the wrong fit. And I was heartbroken, and feeling so guilty. I wanted it to be the right choice.

I got an email from the family today. They placed him, in a home that's close to the sister's office, so she can visit. It's the best of all possible outcomes for this sweet old man.

Today's lesson? (And a good one for me to keep at the front of my brain over the next several months?) Don't force it. Sometimes a little time sorts things out, and in the sorting things work out for the best.

My five:

  1. Exercise. I feel so much better afterwards...and need to stop fooling myself that I don't need so much of it.
  2. Crazy hair. It's taking some getting used to, but I mostly dig it. People do look at me like I'm nuts,'s a little bit liberating! (the outside matches the inside!)
  3. Tater soup. It took everything I had to A.) make bacon for hubby's portion and B.) not eat any. I was victorious! But sad. Victorious and sad.
  4. Late workdays - starting at 10 tomorrow. Wheeeee!
  5. Happy endings. Congratulations to lucky Lucky and his new owner!


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