Today was the first day of whack-a-mole.

(And I kinda loved it.)

KPW - (I gotta find a new nickname for her...something short and catchy and cool... thinking...) is out of the office for a few days, so we were pouring over a few tings that need to happen while she's gone. So we were in the thick of that great information-sharing, mind meld that doesn't EVER happen during the winter. She's great - always patient with me, and after today I feel good about getting things done while she's out. 

I have to say, It's pretty awesome to adore your work colleagues... I'm a lucky girl. :)

In other news? I came home to find men in the trees around my home. 

And they were all holding chainsaws

(Cue the Hitchcockian violins...)

But it's cool...a crew thinned out our trees, took down the poor, ravaged cedar that stood at the corner (and stacked the big pieces of fragrant wood near our shed... smells divine!) and I'm thrilled that they salvaged the glass ornament that I had hanging from a low branch. 

And in other, other news? I got mail! I went to the mailbox to get the daily assortment of bills and magazines, and nestled therein was a big ol' manilla envelope, addressed to me! With hearts and daisies drawn on it, the way we would've adorned a middle school note back-in-the-day. Inside? A Hall and Oats cd and super-sour gumballs.


(For the record? Totally awesome. Who sends quality snail mail anymore? My girl Jenny does - that's who!)

So, I'm paying it forward. Email me ( with your addy, and I will send you a surprise, snail-mail style. No promises as to content, but I promise that it will arrive in your mailbox (with stamps and EVERYTHING!), will NOT be a bill, solicitation or magazine, and that it will be FUN.

Well, FUN and/or RIDICULOUS. 

But I guarantee that it will not be a bill.

(Doubts? Take me up on it. You could live in Timbuktu - I still bet I could get it there...)

My five:
  1. What Not To Wear - tonight's victim has me seriously contemplating super-short hair.
  2. Squash...making temporary vegetarianism possible since March 9th, 2011.  
  3. The smell of cedar.
  4. Switching up the routine.
  5. Knowing some of the answers to some of the questions. Boy, when I was a teacher anything I said was automatically fact...and 90% of this job is the exact opposite. But when world collide it makes me feel fanTAStic. 


Anonymous said…
That mail offer is very tempting...

If you really want to fall in love with vegetarianism there is a recipe for a butternut squash pasty on the Kitchn that is amaz - wait for it - ZING!

It's heaven in a pie crust!
vkwheels said…
I've started cooking spaghetti squash these days...i wreck the kitchen when I do, but at least I burn some major calories cooking then cleaning. woot?

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