Boy, if my moods swung any more, I'd have clockmakers knocking down my door. For. Shiz.

But tonight? I'm happily ensconced in happy mood...good dinner, looooong walk around the neighborhood avec Boo, and a plethora of magazines to scroll through, meaning I'll be spending a little less time on the computer. (My colleague KPW went tech-free over Christmas, and I'm growing steadily more fond of the idea of being untethered, even if it's not so possible right now.)

Also this song - which, had I known the name of the band, I likely would've changed the channel - just came on the tube. Followed by what might be the greatest workout song EVER.

(Dang, I love that tune.)

Also, Dooce (if you don't know who she is I might tease you about living under an internet rock) posted a great set of mash-ups. I am totally partial to the LL Cool J/Dexy & the Midnight Runners mashup. Because the world needs more violins + rap.

Add in some good news, some fun interviews for our summer intern positions, and gorgeous weather? And yep, today's squarely in the good category.

This evening I have some big work on the ol' Lenten discipline (if it's worth doing it's worth really doing, right?) and the related journaling. I won't friend Jenn is laying down the gauntlet in a wonderful way. But there are questions and feelings that I've dodged for years, and the process of taking them out of their boxes and examining them is pretty intense. Here's hoping that the journey is both helpful and telling.

Tomorrow is this show. I'm pretty psyched - haven't heard these guys since I was an undergraduate, but I adore their playing, and am SO excited that they're on my first season. Should be fun!

My five:

  1. Sunny days.
  2. Challenge.
  3. Productive conflict. (It's oceans different than 'conflict.')
  4. Making the effort.
  5. Sandals. Outside of the house. :)


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