photo catch-up

Caveat: I'm not a photographer. My dad was, and I've been lucky enough as an adult to have friends with good equipment and even better eyes. (KPW, CM and LMB, I'ma looking at you.) But, as the only words that I seem of late to use on a regular basis are "herein" "moreover" and other bits of contract-ese?

A picture update. Insofar as one could call it by that name.

(LORDY. Make it STOP!)

Sunshine tastes good on my tongue!

Set up for the Cypress 4tet show

A green stinkbug? Nooooooo!

Who cares about the mud? Chuck the ball!

The folks with whom the Studio will be spending quality time..
My buddy VKW recently posted pics of her spicy new hairdo on FB...and, come next Wednesday? I might be doing the same...stay tuned!

Otherwise? Work blahblahblah, sick of the cold blahblahblah, same old same old. Things will be WAY more fun once the singers arrive! But, until then? Miles and miles to go.

This is the song that I've been yowling along to in the car for several days. It sits in my sweet spot, for sure. If you drive in my town, kindly disregard the lady who is singing a little TOO loudly at the stoplight. (Hey, at least it's too cold to roll the windows grateful for small favors!)

My five:

  1. Concerts - always energizing.
  2. Polenta. I should not keep that stuff in my house. YUM.
  3. Stripping off makeup and work clothes immediately after work in favor of jammies.
  4. Buds and sunshine - gimme some flowers!
  5. Warm socks.


vkwheels said…
it is spicy, isn't it? A total mistake, but I'll take it!

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