the starting gun is raised...

....and we're almost off!

Stage management arrived today, on the wings of some very warm breezes...and ushered in the unmistakable feeling of summer.

In March.


But it's great - the energy level has ratcheted up, even if the focus hasn't matched pace. Things are happening, changing, morphing...and the atmosphere is feeling familiar, in that whack-a-mole kind of way. And while there's so very much to be done, having JR in the building reminds us that the fun stuff will happen soon enough.

In other "news", I'm trying to keep up with my Lenten disciplines...I'm doing pretty well with one, but have let all the others fall to the wayside. Time to get back onto the horse! And We've been trying to spruce up the house with some new furniture and odds and ends - and I've resurrected a lovely antique sideboard for a new purpose...and have made my best attempt to fix the broken door. We'll see tonight whether it will hold!

And some things that I'm loving:

  • This. Oh-my-sweet-heavens is it good! And while I'm only eating a spoonful at a time, you'd be surprised at exactly how MUCH I can fit on a good.
  • Cannot WAIT for this. (Do. NOT. Mock. Me.)
  • I am infatuated with this. Impractical? Heck yeah. But I still LOVE it.
  • I made my mom watch this. And Juliet. Now my mom wants a SGF.
  • Is this really news? I think we ALL know someone who fits this bill...
  • Love.
  • Also? Love. (Hit the archives - so worth it.)
And finally? A voice that I just stumbled across and love.

My five:

  1. Energy! Boy, have I needed some!
  2. Silliness. Ditto for that, too.
  3. Waking up to crazy thunder and lightning.
  4. A great book to dive into.
  5. Wearing sandals outside.


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