Yesterday my arch-nemesis Grumpy McBitcherson was in the house, having a pity party and charging the tab to my credit card.

(She's a total bitch.)

Today? She's in hiding, at least for the time being.

Hubs was up and out the door before the sun was up. (Gah. One of the best things about leaving teaching are the relatively leisurely mornings I now enjoy!) I downed my first cup of coffee (French roast, extra strong, put-hair-on-your-chest syrupy black. YES.), and leashed up El Diablo for our morning constitutional by the creek.

A few months ago - pre-Christmas, I think - we lost a tennis ball in the creek. An errant throw (who, me?) landed it on some ice, and we had to head home without it.

But this morning? WE FOUND THE BALL! And there was much doggie rejoicing!

Until another errant throw (who, me??) landed it in the very cold water. In which, being broken at the seam, it sunk.

Boo sat quite obediently by my side (although the panting and whining were a bit of a distraction) as I grabbed a series of twigs - thank you, recent windstorms! - to fish out the ball.

And fish out that damned nasty, broken, faded, sopping wet tennis ball I did.

And we recommenced the doggie rejoicing. Best. Ball. EVER!

Starting the day as someone's hero? (Even if they have an amazingly limited field of reference?) Feels pretty good. 

My five:
  1. Crazy, alter-the-perception-of-my-day dreams.
  2. Birdsong. It sounds like spring time, even if it is super chilly.
  3. Italian Folk Tales. I'm reading from this book before I go to bed.
  4. Sunshine.
  5. Good visits with neighbors and friends.

And, for your viewing pleasure? A blast from the past from my slow run playlist.


vkwheels said…
cantaloupe (sp?) has been on my running playlist forever!!! Biggy. Biggy. Bop.

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