...wake me up in May...

This happens every year. Honestly, every year.

Making the transition from long-range planning to drop-everything-and-deal-with-it.

Or, as we think of it? Getting into the Whack-a-Mole groove.

'Tis time. A month and a half earlier than normal. I now officially need to answer my phone every time it rings/beeps/vibrates, from now until September. I need to juggle seventeen things but be willing (and able) to drop all 17 at the drop of a hat...or, more likely, a phone call/text message/IM. The best case scenarios involve touching a million things superficially (proofing copy, following intern emails, tracking down tax forms) and three or four things intensely (contract language...philosophical discussions on organizational direction...prioritizing thoughtfully.)

I like this time of year. I'm good at these things, the gear shifts and such, for the most part. I  love the added energy of rehearsal, production, problem-solving on the fly...there's an element of improvisation in  production that doesn't exist in our winter framework, and I'm always surprised at how much I miss it.

But I'm caught a skosh off guard. After two days in the office with some teeny whacking jobs? I'm tired. Like, home+dinner+walk the dog+ bed tired. And it's WAY too early in the year to be this tired after a totally civilized week in the office.

After all, it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

(Whack-a-mole and snow do not coexist in my world!)

But the fact that they are happily coexisting this year? Well, if nothing else it makes me totally interested in seeing what else this crazy-ass year will bring.

(One thing it's going to bring? Blonde. I have an appointment with a new hair stylist tomorrow morning - Wish me luck!)

(Another thing that it could bring? A new dog. Meeting a grandpa lab whose owner moved to Europe and couldn't place him...we'll see how he and Boo get along. Maybe this old guy will be more my speed!)

My five:

  1. A lazy Friday night in...stockpiling energy (and sleep!) for the onslaught of a summer we have planned.
  2. Tortellini with shallot-herb butter, toasted walnuts and a poached egg. Some days this vegetarian thing is soooooo easy. (and tasty!)
  3. The sound of peaceful snoring.
  4. Family: the only people you can butt-dial repeatedly without having to apologize. 
  5. House Hunters International - planning my escape to Costa Rica...


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