ain't no middle ground here

my neighbor's lovely cherry (?) tree
I'm not writing much here because things are so changeable.

We went from middle-of-winter calmness to full on whack-a-mole in .2 seconds. And life in general seems to be devoid of middle ground.

Work fluctuates between big-picture dreams and the micromanagement of the smallest details...between incredible rehearsals and horrible, music-halting family emergencies. My poor boss, because of some poor planning on my part is bouncing back and forth between left and right brain for the next two days, while juggling both the demands of an insistent musicologist and the whims of a lover with a sweet master plan.

I have received horrible news from two close friends, and am hoping against hope that these particular things don't travel in the customary threes.

I have, finally, insisted that my mother visit me. And she's accepted! Funny how things sometimes don't happen until you ask for them.

And my little suburban neighborhood? Has been iced in pinks and whites and yellows. They are breathtaking, these tiny instances of beauty.

I'm craving balance...even while knowing that it simply is not attainable for a while. The inside of my head - and my heart - feel like a pinball machine.

My five:

  1. Skype. 
  2. Blossoms.
  3. Blue skies.
  4. Laughter.
  5. Sleep.


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