home before midnight!

Hot. Damn!

Tonight was orchestra tech... the night where we have all of the pieces of the opera (sets, props, costumes, wigs, makeup, lights, sets, orchestra), and we try to get through the show. After the show there are two meetings that happen simultaneously: the director gives notes to the performers, and the tech folks give notes to each other. (The musicians union mandates that players' notes be given during rehearsal, which is only one of the reasons that the other meetings lag until post-rehearsal.)

These rehearsals tend to be ugly (depending on the length of the opera and the number of technical effects/issues), and the meetings afterwards tend to be long. So, the fact that I'm on my couch with a glass of wine well before midnight?


Especially when you consider that we have 2 mezzos in 2 new roles. Costumes have been altered, last-minute rehearsals have been called and attended. We've chained our poor pianists to their instruments for more hours than is, well, nice.

But we're officially in the home stretch! Here's the outline of the next few days:
Sunday - Easter! Prayer, running, cocktails in the neighborhood (Easter Bonnets! Have you ever had one?), a meal with hubster's cousins (and a playdate for Boo with their lab and their pond. Needless to say, I will not be dressing up.), and an eeeeaaaarrrrlllyyy bedtime for yours truly. I'm needing a little more sleep than I've averaging. Oh - and I can finally eat meat again! Celebratory burger, anyone?

Monday - dress rehearsal! Our first time with an audience.

Tuesday - a wedding! Well, reception - the lovely couple is eloping. I've only met them since this project started, but they're just such a fab, low-key, adorable couple. And they're having their reception at a cupcake place... with champagne! FANTASTIC!

Wednesday - OPENING NIGHT. I've only been working on this project since I was hired. It's a big day. And I'm pretty thrilled, I have to say.

Thursday - Likely an office catch-up day. Those folks from the summer are likely wanting answers from me for many many questions.

Friday - Show #2.

Saturday - Salon day. Keep the crazy blond bangs? Go all bottle blond? Go back dark? I can't decide...

Sunday - Show #3.

Monday - "Shop" for art with Artee at the Phillips Collection for our summer collaboration - one of my all-time favorite things to do!

Busy, busy week. Take into account that I need to buy groceries, get my car inspected (emissions...Damn you Virginia for requiring 3 different steps for registration!), and buy show shoes. Because let's be frank - any opera with a shoe ARIA requires fabulous footware. It's non-negotiable, right?

Busy, busy week. But pretty epic in its awesomeness. Awesomity? AWESOMEPALOOZA???


I'm hoping to have a little time to reflect on the last month...between The Inspector and Lent, it's been a little intense...ultimately in a good way, even it some days have been less than comfortable. There's some sense to be made of all of it, even if I'm not quite there yet.

My five:

  1. Generosity. Even the usually stingy yoga dude gave me exactly what I needed today. I hope I did the same for someone.
  2. Risks. I have been watching people take them on a daily basis. And it's exciting.
  3. Warm breezes. They feel like uncharted territory after this cold, wet spring.
  4. Whack-a-mole. Boy, do I love the adrenalin rush of real operatic WAM! (Is there a 12 step program for that?)
  5. Celebrations. It's going to be quite a week for it.


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