day off.

...and lawdy did I need one.

It's one of those hiding-in-plain-sight days off. I'm home, running my usual weekend errands and such, going to the gym, hanging on the porch. But everyone else is at the office, in the classroom, tending the store.

And so this free day is really feeling, well, free.

I spent a long time on the porch this morning. Coffee, watering the plants, getting hit full force in the face with cold water from the sprinkler (note to self: caffeinate before operating machinery.), and chatting with the neighbors. Boo and I took a long, leisurely stroll, and then I headed to the gym for class. (A step class, but on round bouncy platforms! Not a bosu, something different...almost like mini trampolines. Fun!) Found a cool pair of pants on the Anthropologie sale rack - score!

Got some good news from TC about KC. (Sending you both lovelovelovelove.)

Came home, walked my dry cleaning to the cleaners, continued on and loaded up 2 bags with groceries. Walked them home. (I may have also stopped at Norm's for a bottle of vino.)

Now? The breeze is blowing, the sun is shining AND it's lightly raining...I don't know how it's happening, but it's seriously lovely.

If you need me? You know where I'll be.

My five:

  1. Not needing to rely on a car.
  2. Local small businesses and their owners.
  3. My ridiculous cat and his ridiculous harness. I've crossed over, and am now one of those women. (But I'll never, ever, dress him up. I have standards.)
  4. Music...new voices, and old favorites alike.
  5. Ice cold beverages, covered in condensation.



I'm not one of those girls who cares what other folks are doing.

Seriously, I'm not a keep-tabs person. I love the Joneses, but keeping up with them isn't so much my thing.

I only keep score when it's overtly, ridiculously obvious that I need to reciprocate. (well, unless it's hubby, sadly...for some reason I am a totally anal scorekeeper when it comes to housework.)

Lately? It seems like there is good news and big positive changes in so many lives that touch mine. And it's wonderful - I am looking forward to all of the celebrations and next steps!

But I'm also jealous.

Don't get me wrong - I'm happy with my life, with where I am.

Or I thought I was...

But, if that's the case, why am I so restless? Feeling behind/out of sorts/insecure?

Is it just the pre-season wind-up? Or is it time to really examine my life and take a hard, cold inventory?

Not sure. But I think I'll make a point of thinking and exploring.

My five:

  1. Peonies. Mine are blooming like CRAZY! (And, since we're going to move them on Thursday, it's a perfect excuse to bring armfuls of blossoms to work, right?)
  2. Tinkering and puttering...different, but still my favorite things to do.
  3. People who share books and music - I'm so often a grateful recipient!
  4. Advil. 
  5. Cooking shows. 


Last day of freedom.

The summer season officially starts tomorrow. Our stage management team for The Curious Women arrives, as do two of our interns.

And I think I might be ready.

Am I having teeny panic attacks about things I've messed up/gotten wrong/forgotten about? Indeed. Am I looking at every single hobby and vacation activity and cooking class and feeling pangs that I've missed the boat. Yes.

But even with all that, I'm still ready.

We've had a lovely, low-key weekend, and that certainly helps. On Thursday I saw a grad school friend who is one of the very few people in the world who can call me 'Lemur' without getting a bloody nose, and caught a very sweet band (you can see their videos here and here - check out Elijah and Neighbor Song, too.) Friday was work + magazines + chicken chili. Saturday was mani-pedi and a fan-damn-TAS-tic wine dinner at work (where I got to be a guest, rather than a staff member! It was totally lovely) with the hubs looking dashing and a charming group of his invited colleagues.

Clean house. (CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!) It turns out that, contrary to popular belief I actually do do windows. Who knew? Boy, for as much as I love a clean house I do hate to actually clean it...

Exercise. I went for a 'run' (yep. that kind of workout), and due in part to dinner last night and the pervasive Northern Virginia humidity that's already set up shop, it was a hard, thankless workout. (When sprint intervals seems easier than just keeping a steady pace? That's a bad day for Rahree.) I'm thinking of getting on the running/yoga train for the summer, just to see if regular cardio + stretching will keep me going during the season, so I'm going back (second day in a row) to yoga this evening.

(Mostly? It's a veiled excuse for wearing yoga pants all blessed day. GUILTY.)

Errands. Taking back a dress maybe. Getting big tupperware to store more winter clothes maybe. Buying fizzy water and popcorn most definitely.

Lazing. Y'all know where I'll be.

My five:

  1. Porch time.
  2. A manicure that (mostly) survived leaving the nail salon.
  3. Magazines.
  4. Bird watching.
  5. Enjoying the calm before the storm.


i may never go back to work again.

-not because i don't have a cool job and fantastic coworkers, obvs. Because I do indeed have a lot of the best things, jobwise.

But a few days out of the office make me contemplate becoming a lady of leisure. Or, if that's not really an option (and, after the summer spazz-out of 1998, when I finished my first year teaching and lasted all of 3 weeks before going crazy (and almost 100% nocturnal) with the lack of routine, it may not be), to become a professional dillettante. I could dabble in any number of things...cooking, design, writing, heavy volunteering, child care, teaching, without having to make a name at any one. I could go back to school to be an anthropologist! Or a pastry chef! Or a writer! I wonder if that would free me up to think larger thoughts, to get truly creative with my life's path?

...or if I'd spend every day eating popcorn and watching daytime tv?


I will say that, after a few days at home, my 'house' is clean. My physical house has been neatened up. Many of my relationships have been tended (I still have work to do, though. Good thing it's not at all "work.") I finally went back to the blood bank to donate (and did it in 10 minutes flat. My blood is faaaaast!), and it felt so good, to do a good deed, that I'm vowing publicly to do it much more often.

Keep me honest, friends.

Now? Watching a storm roll in from the comfort of the porch? Dog and cat in the yard (about to get drenched, I'd bet), pizza delivery guy en route, hubby researching plans for the house?

Yep. I could get used to this.

Some good things I've been keeping track of for y'all?

  • Online business cards. This site is easily customizable, and it's a great, graphic way to put yourself out there. For free!
  • A Mother's Day poem, shared by Nature's Own Hand. (Thank you!)
  • I'm looking for a new vessel for cold drinks for the summer. Good ideas here.
  • Indeed.
  • Thinking about buying these for the inevitable office spoon shortage. Momma needs her yogurt.
  • Damn. Me too.
  • Sign me up. Please make sure the pool boy and the town polka band are included. 
  • Artwork for audiophiles? LOVE.
  • Potato chip casserole. Need I say more?
  • So sad that intern hiring season is over...
And the coup de grĂ¢ce? 
A new mix! Mostly old (Cypress Hill, Panic Channel, English Beat), some new (Zaz, Robyn, Paul Simon) It's here.

My five:
  1. Good deeds.
  2. Lazy nights with my boys.
  3. Defining daily life without "work."
  4. Not spending time on bad books or movies. (Green Hornet, I am SO disappointed in you.)
  5. Jammies.



I had so many things to say about the opening! Witty things, deep meaningful things, things about comedy and friendship and surprises and inspiration...

But here it is, three days after the last performance, and I can't remember a single damn thing.

(Not really - there were fantastic moments in this process, and many of the ones that have stuck with me are 100% due to the lovely community that developed. We celebrated a wedding, held a colleague dear when she needed some extra support, and then welcomed two lovely ladies into two new roles at the Nth hour. The last time I ate as many cupcakes as I did during this rehearsal period? I was likely 12. Years. Old.)

(Twelve was a very good year...) :)

But seriously, girl is tiiiiiiired. It becomes immediately obvious when I get thrown by the smallest glitches and default to acting grumpy/put-upon. Charming, right? Honestly, there were a fair number of dumb ol' glitches in this spring's festivities, but one of these years I'm going to need to suck it up, rather than throw my hands in the air while shouting "WHYYYYYY MEEEEEEE?"

And, because I have no ability to plan and am also not able to communicate, I took several days off work at a time when the hubster cannot get away. Yup, I'm a total prize. Poor guy...

But it's actually working out quite nicely. Today I spent the day getting my house in order...giving the house a deep clean (well, as deep as I go...I hate cleaning.), getting my teeth cleaned (by that gentle giant, Dr. Jay!), tracking everything I eat (sad trombone), going to the gym. And the best part is that I started a cubic vat of chili in the crock pot this morning, so dinner is not only done, it is AWESOME.

Time to reflect, recharge...yes, please.

Tonight? Reading. A glass of wine. And a ridiculously early bedtime.

I love staycation.

My five:

  1. A lovely rear-view mirror, where I can only remember the good stuff.
  2. A clean house. I did not realize how much the dust bunnies were bringing me down.
  3. Walking Boo to choruses of tinies shouting "CAN I PET YOUR DOG????" Kids are just so cool.
  4. Not having to blow-dry/spackle. Seems that my world works just fine when my hair is a hot mess. WHO KNEW?
  5. Mercurial spring skies and the embarrassment of floral riches in my neighborhood.