I had so many things to say about the opening! Witty things, deep meaningful things, things about comedy and friendship and surprises and inspiration...

But here it is, three days after the last performance, and I can't remember a single damn thing.

(Not really - there were fantastic moments in this process, and many of the ones that have stuck with me are 100% due to the lovely community that developed. We celebrated a wedding, held a colleague dear when she needed some extra support, and then welcomed two lovely ladies into two new roles at the Nth hour. The last time I ate as many cupcakes as I did during this rehearsal period? I was likely 12. Years. Old.)

(Twelve was a very good year...) :)

But seriously, girl is tiiiiiiired. It becomes immediately obvious when I get thrown by the smallest glitches and default to acting grumpy/put-upon. Charming, right? Honestly, there were a fair number of dumb ol' glitches in this spring's festivities, but one of these years I'm going to need to suck it up, rather than throw my hands in the air while shouting "WHYYYYYY MEEEEEEE?"

And, because I have no ability to plan and am also not able to communicate, I took several days off work at a time when the hubster cannot get away. Yup, I'm a total prize. Poor guy...

But it's actually working out quite nicely. Today I spent the day getting my house in order...giving the house a deep clean (well, as deep as I go...I hate cleaning.), getting my teeth cleaned (by that gentle giant, Dr. Jay!), tracking everything I eat (sad trombone), going to the gym. And the best part is that I started a cubic vat of chili in the crock pot this morning, so dinner is not only done, it is AWESOME.

Time to reflect, recharge...yes, please.

Tonight? Reading. A glass of wine. And a ridiculously early bedtime.

I love staycation.

My five:

  1. A lovely rear-view mirror, where I can only remember the good stuff.
  2. A clean house. I did not realize how much the dust bunnies were bringing me down.
  3. Walking Boo to choruses of tinies shouting "CAN I PET YOUR DOG????" Kids are just so cool.
  4. Not having to blow-dry/spackle. Seems that my world works just fine when my hair is a hot mess. WHO KNEW?
  5. Mercurial spring skies and the embarrassment of floral riches in my neighborhood.



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