i may never go back to work again.

-not because i don't have a cool job and fantastic coworkers, obvs. Because I do indeed have a lot of the best things, jobwise.

But a few days out of the office make me contemplate becoming a lady of leisure. Or, if that's not really an option (and, after the summer spazz-out of 1998, when I finished my first year teaching and lasted all of 3 weeks before going crazy (and almost 100% nocturnal) with the lack of routine, it may not be), to become a professional dillettante. I could dabble in any number of things...cooking, design, writing, heavy volunteering, child care, teaching, without having to make a name at any one. I could go back to school to be an anthropologist! Or a pastry chef! Or a writer! I wonder if that would free me up to think larger thoughts, to get truly creative with my life's path?

...or if I'd spend every day eating popcorn and watching daytime tv?


I will say that, after a few days at home, my 'house' is clean. My physical house has been neatened up. Many of my relationships have been tended (I still have work to do, though. Good thing it's not at all "work.") I finally went back to the blood bank to donate (and did it in 10 minutes flat. My blood is faaaaast!), and it felt so good, to do a good deed, that I'm vowing publicly to do it much more often.

Keep me honest, friends.

Now? Watching a storm roll in from the comfort of the porch? Dog and cat in the yard (about to get drenched, I'd bet), pizza delivery guy en route, hubby researching plans for the house?

Yep. I could get used to this.

Some good things I've been keeping track of for y'all?

  • Online business cards. This site is easily customizable, and it's a great, graphic way to put yourself out there. For free!
  • A Mother's Day poem, shared by Nature's Own Hand. (Thank you!)
  • I'm looking for a new vessel for cold drinks for the summer. Good ideas here.
  • Indeed.
  • Thinking about buying these for the inevitable office spoon shortage. Momma needs her yogurt.
  • Damn. Me too.
  • Sign me up. Please make sure the pool boy and the town polka band are included. 
  • Artwork for audiophiles? LOVE.
  • Potato chip casserole. Need I say more?
  • So sad that intern hiring season is over...
And the coup de grĂ¢ce? 
A new mix! Mostly old (Cypress Hill, Panic Channel, English Beat), some new (Zaz, Robyn, Paul Simon) It's here.

My five:
  1. Good deeds.
  2. Lazy nights with my boys.
  3. Defining daily life without "work."
  4. Not spending time on bad books or movies. (Green Hornet, I am SO disappointed in you.)
  5. Jammies.


Nell said…
Glad you liked the poem. It's always been a favorite of mine!

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