Last day of freedom.

The summer season officially starts tomorrow. Our stage management team for The Curious Women arrives, as do two of our interns.

And I think I might be ready.

Am I having teeny panic attacks about things I've messed up/gotten wrong/forgotten about? Indeed. Am I looking at every single hobby and vacation activity and cooking class and feeling pangs that I've missed the boat. Yes.

But even with all that, I'm still ready.

We've had a lovely, low-key weekend, and that certainly helps. On Thursday I saw a grad school friend who is one of the very few people in the world who can call me 'Lemur' without getting a bloody nose, and caught a very sweet band (you can see their videos here and here - check out Elijah and Neighbor Song, too.) Friday was work + magazines + chicken chili. Saturday was mani-pedi and a fan-damn-TAS-tic wine dinner at work (where I got to be a guest, rather than a staff member! It was totally lovely) with the hubs looking dashing and a charming group of his invited colleagues.

Clean house. (CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!) It turns out that, contrary to popular belief I actually do do windows. Who knew? Boy, for as much as I love a clean house I do hate to actually clean it...

Exercise. I went for a 'run' (yep. that kind of workout), and due in part to dinner last night and the pervasive Northern Virginia humidity that's already set up shop, it was a hard, thankless workout. (When sprint intervals seems easier than just keeping a steady pace? That's a bad day for Rahree.) I'm thinking of getting on the running/yoga train for the summer, just to see if regular cardio + stretching will keep me going during the season, so I'm going back (second day in a row) to yoga this evening.

(Mostly? It's a veiled excuse for wearing yoga pants all blessed day. GUILTY.)

Errands. Taking back a dress maybe. Getting big tupperware to store more winter clothes maybe. Buying fizzy water and popcorn most definitely.

Lazing. Y'all know where I'll be.

My five:

  1. Porch time.
  2. A manicure that (mostly) survived leaving the nail salon.
  3. Magazines.
  4. Bird watching.
  5. Enjoying the calm before the storm.


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