blessings? counted.

Hubs had a bad day.

Now, when I have a bad day it's just as likely a result of a scant amount of sleep or a lack of chocolate or coffee in my immediate vicinity. I'm not a surgeon or EMT -people don't perish as a result of my actions. Sure, I can irritate the living beejezus out of folks, or lose traction with an issue (or five) for enough time to make me scramble. But we've not lost anyone to opera-related injuries.


(knock on wood.)

As a sales guy (well, not so much now, but that's his basis), hubs is great at closing the deal. (I will happily serve as case-in-point...had you told the 20-something me that I'd be happily married to a former frat boy? Raucous laughter.) But when he makes reasonable promises that his company subsequently can't/won't keep? Well, his integrity is on the line. It's an uncomfortable place for him to be, for sure.

And it makes me amazingly grateful to work at a place where our mission is clearly defined, where our budget is small but our desire to make good things happen is off-the-charts.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm committed to stealing at least a few moments to reflect on how darn lucky I am. Count this as the beginning of the list.


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