eventful week!

Wow. You want to talk whirlwind? Even with 2 days away from the office plunked squarely in the middle, this week has been big...big celebrations, big stress, just...BIG.

  • Big celebrations: Tuesday was our birthday! I say 'our' because there are three of us who have the same birthday; me, KPW, and Marco. I can't imagine a nicer bunch to celebrate with, and in true WT fashion we had a rousing, multi-part version of the birthday song and an obscene amount of cake. And, in related semi-obscene cake news, JR made a German Chocolate cake with a Barbie jumping out of it, in an homage to our sweet show. Might be the most fantastic birthday cake EVER.
  • Big stress: Budgets. 2012 is due in mere weeks, and I've barely begun to spend this year's budget! Add to that our thrifty imperative to trim, and you have us trying to be both prudent and helpful...which can be at odds.
  • Big deal: Curious Women closes tonight. It's been a lovely show and a lovely cast. I'll miss it.
  • Big plans: Sweeney begins rehearsal on Monday. Steve Blier and Hoffmann stage management arrive the week after that. Oh, and the National Symphony's residency at the Filene Center starts too...we enter the part of the summer that I like to call "too damn busy to get into any trouble." Also known as the "why don't I have any clean clothes?" and "there's nothing to eat in the house" periods. 
  • Big butt: Have I mentioned that barely a day passes without some kind of cake? Lord, give me some semblance of willpower...
  • Big opportunities: Five Studio singers and a Fellowship pianist are performing for our first arts outreach with Children's Hospital. The musicians have responded to patient artworks (much like our vocal colors artists) with musical selections, and we'll go out next Wednesday morning for a performance. I'm super excited for this: both that the singers have made some great pairings and that we can give back to the community a little bit. Can't wait!
  • Big mandate: slow the f down. I'm getting so caught up with all the things that need to be done that I'm starting (? maybe not just starting? sad) to be rude...to start tapping into the computer before the conversation's finished, to take calls in the middle of meetings, to cut chats short, even though I'd really rather be chatting than, well, budgeting. Even if it means I'm taking more work home or working longer, the door needs to stay open and the relationships need to be built...they're just as important, if not more so on many levels.
  • Big laugh: Our cake hottie - the lovely lady who jumps out of the cake in the show - had never worked with singers before, and was quite surprised at how lovely, funny and down-to-earth our folks were. But she did notice that they were quite young: she said "I was talking backstage to one gentleman who was just adorable...and then he said 'I'm 23.' and I felt like a child molester!" (a 'child molester' in gold sequined pasties, no less. HILARIOUS!) 
Yeah. Big stuff.

(insert witty transition here. or not. ok, here's a story about my dog.)

So, my awesome neighbors have a yorkie, Sergio. Sergio and Boo are pals: they greet each other on the street, bark at each other from across the street at their respective houses, and drag their owners into the other's yard at the outset of every walk. One of their favorite routines is a variation on an Easter Egg hunt: Sergio hides treats throughout his house (no doubt because he's trying to avoid this very game in some way...poor guy!). Boo will come over to visit, and if the front door is open el Diablo takes that as an invitation to Find The Treat. Sergio will follow him and bark for a while, but then will give up and join the humans on the porch. After a while, Boo will find something interesting, and run out of the house and into the front yard...at which time he'll look at me and make a beeline to our house across the street. (But he does wait for the leash - he's a good boy.) When he gets home? VICTORY DANCE.

Ridiculously pleased with himself. 

Today, I'm wishing you a moment where you are just this tickled.

My five:

  1. Slow, quiet mornings.
  2. Birds - cardinals, woodpeckers, wrens, titmice, all chattering up a storm. The cat is 100% engrossed.
  3. Low humidity mornings.
  4. Toast. I could eat a whole loaf of bread at one sitting it if was toasted. Mmm...
  5. Accomplishing more than pushing paper around. Here's hoping.


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