...fast forward to August.

It's been 90+ degrees here the last few days, and humid as all-get-out. Which, in late July/early August is business as usual, but in May?


I tried to walk the dog last night and just about killed him in the heat. (Sorry, Boo!) This afternoon's weather is hazy and still, totally comfortable until I try to move.The gnats have threatened to ruin my life unless I'm on the porch, under the ceiling fans, basted like a sparerib in insect repellent, with a citronella candle nearby.

'Tis hot.

And work is hot, too. I've had more meetings than brain cells over the last two days, and my meeting-ee's look really relieved to leave my office when time's up. But on the plus side? I have found a capital-H-HOT lady (who is also totally lovely) to be a super in our first opera. Her official title? "Cake hottie."


But really, people are lovely and the ADD schedule is fine. I'm almost ready for it.
I had lunch with RT and a lovely, loyal donor this afternoon, and had grand plans to hit the gym for Ashtanga yoga this evening. But somehow, every 10 minutes or so there's a fantastic cool breeze that cuts the heat, and a rumble of thunder that makes me think that the weather might break.

Skipping class this evening?


Sitting on the porch as the sun sets?


Three weeks until birthday. Still trying to decide what number I'll celebrate this year: physical, mental, or WILD CARD.

My five:

  1. Fun interns. We have a good group this year!
  2. Ridiculous YouTube videos. What are your favorites?
  3. Teal nail polish.
  4. Good books. (I'm taking suggestions - anyone?)
  5. Short weeks.


Erin said…
I am a little behind on your blog (sorry) but I see you have no book suggestions. Have you read The Good Earth? I have a friend that is committing herself to reading three great works of literature this summer and asked friends for input. I am not doing that but I was inspired by the question and reminded how much I love that book.

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