Catch-up. Get it?

(Worst part? That's totally a recycled joke. LAME, Rahree. Lame.)

I'm trying so hard to write a post - a challenge from ArTee that I want to address thoughtfully - but tonight is not that night. So instead I give you a little picture tour of the last few days...minus shots of my office, where I spent a fair (read: large) amount of time.

Antique shop in Leesburg, VA

I love curvy lines and chrome...

Best. License. Plate. EVER.

So, this last frame is a print that a friend and colleague gave to me. It's a scenic drawing from a production that we did my first summer at the Trap....and it has a lot of great memories attached to it. The stories from that summer were fantastic and 100% nuts (At the end of the summer, I remember asking Renaissance Man if all the WT summers were as crazy as that particular one. To which he responded "Yep." I had an extra glass of wine that night.) Anyhoo, I took it to a local frame shop months ago (and here's another reason to buy local, if you needed one: I told the proprietor that I couldn't pay the full amount: he discounted the price - for a beautiful, CUSTOM frame, and allowed me to stretch the payments over several months. No interest. And no harassment. This is the place if you're looking for one.), and have been dutifully paying a little bit on it when I could over the last several months. 

Now? It's in my office. And it makes me smile. And break out into random snippets of the Figaro finale. Good thing that the singing part is normal in my world! The last few days have been all about cake and celebration and goals and welcoming new artists! In between have been a few well-deserved freak-outs and tantrums. All in a day's work, right? (Right??)

But tomorrow? A break from the office. A break in the weather. New porch furniture! And a day to lay low. 

The invitation's open: come visit! You know where I'll be. 

porch. my haven. except when it's hot enough to fry an egg on the rocker...
My five:

  1. Losing my jogging self to a fantastic tune. If you see a crazy blonde lady heaving her fool self around the DC suburbs at a slow shuffle with a stupid grin on her face, it's likely me. And the tune is likely Tightrope or Poison. Don't judge.
  2. Good folks. We're totally surrounded with 'em this summer. It's pretty fantastic.
  3.  AC. It's August hot in DC...and while I'm a fan of being outside, I'm happy to be cool inside.
  4. House Hunters International. Real Estate porn at its finest.
  5. Contemplating my fun to-do list for the next year. It IS birthday month, after all!


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