verb \ˈram-bəl\

Definition of RAMBLE

intransitive verb
a : to move aimlessly from place to placeb : to explore idly
: to talk or write in a desultory or long-winded wandering
: to grow or extend irregularly

Well, this post - and indeed, life in general - mirror this verb quite handily. This week has been the first really performance-heavy week of the summer: Vocal Colors last Sunday at WT. Invited dress rehearsal for the opera on Wednesday. Vocal Colors recital at the Phillips Collection on Thursday. Opening night of the opera on Friday. Matinee on Sunday, along with the arrival of the Scenes director. Sweeney Todd stage management arrives on Monday to start prep. We're putting together our first outreach recital for Children's Hospital, looking forward to supertitles for the Scenes program. Oh, and my 2012 budget is due in three weeks. (But I haven't spent the money from THIS year yet! How will I know how much I need for next year?)

Critical mass. Dropped balls. Long days. Missed gym and hair appointments. Really old food in the fridge. Yada yada yada. (Or, a la Inspector "So on and so on and so on.") It's a regular summer.

However, right this minute I'm sitting on the porch with my cup of coffee, and the animals and I are birdwatching. Robins, woodpeckers, cardinals, wrens - plus a whole slew of un-known lovelies - are parading through the yard, sitting in the hanging baskets, teasing cat by being just out of reach. It's a lovely, quiet morning...the traffic is calm, the workers at the construction site next door haven't started working... there's nothing but birdsong.


This year is feeling a little saner, at least on the homefront. I got myself an early birthday present and hired someone to clean my house for the summer. I will forego salon pedicures and Starbucks (well, up to a point...can't give up the medicinal Starbucks!) and grabbing takeout so that I don't have to spend my free day dusting and vacuuming and cleaning.

Totally worth it.

It's also the month of birthday extravagance - not in presents, but in the number of birthdays. Our maestro had a birthday...then our Lighting Designer, an intern and a Studio artist all had birthdays on the same day. This Sunday is JBG's, Tuesday is mine + KPW + Marco's, Wednesday is LaJefa's, and next Friday is intern AWL's.

I can already taste the frosting. Let the cake begin! (Right after my run, natch.)

My five:

  1. Summer thunderstorms. Thanks for saving me the sprinkler ordeal this morning, Mother Nature!
  2. Performance days - the energy is fantastic.
  3. Birds. I'd never have one for a pet - they freak me out - but I love to watch and listen to them.
  4. A clean house. Makes everything else easier.
  5. Fun colleagues. Makes all the difference!


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