reset button?

Wow. I am in a totally pissy mood. Which stinks, because it's my day off. But somehow I rolled off the wrong side of the bed several hours before I should've and am paying for it. Irritating pets? Check. (Unintentionally) bossy hubby? Check. Stupid work emails? Check. My body aches. My coffee doesn't taste as delicious as usual. My head hurts.


Tomorrow is Fathers Day, and my birthday follows shortly thereafter. And I think therein lies the funk. I miss my dad. If I were to go as early as he did? We'll I'm on the back half of that slide...I'm feeling old and unaccomplished and unattractive and dumb. I'm taking things WAY too personally and blowing things all out of proportion. 

(In other words? Hot. Mess.)

I'm guessing that the thing to do would be to get my sorry ass to the gym, keep my hair appointment (and hope that I don't walk out looking even crazier than normal), and stop my bitching. Right?

My five:
  1. A day away from the desk.
  2. Advil.
  3. Rawr classes at the gym - let's work out some of this aggression, shall we?
  4. Good memories.
  5. Crazy dreams.


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