so....have you ever had one of those days when nothing earth-shattering is going wrong, but every tiny little thing that can futz out does?

welcome to my monday.

overflowing toilet, an ingrown toenail and a gnat infestation in the morning. an artist cancellation, a truant agent, and scheduling problems during the day. a willful dog and a muddy tramp around the neighborhood in the evening. And a nasty old cherry pit in my black cherry-chocolate froyo pie.

first world problems - let's be honest.

after the cherry pit, i looked at hubs (who, for the record, had had his performance review for work in which his boss pretty much said he was the best thing since sliced bread. W00t!), and said "I'm done with Monday. I'm taking a tylenol PM and going to bed. Right. Now."

funny...he didn't fight me at all. hmmmm...

today was much doubt because of sufficient sleep, caffeine-ation, and a surprisingly tasty salad for lunch. (salad? who AM i???) and tomorrow morning we have a big day at Children's Hospital - five of our Studio artists and a coaching fellow have responded musically to several artworks that were created by patients at Children's. tomorrow we head to the horsepistol (=hospital) to perform for the kids. i'm thrilled with the program, and am so proud at the thoughtfulness and creativity the artists have shown in their pairings. i can't wait to see them do their thing downtown!

My five:

  1. Storms...there's a good one blowing through this evening.
  2. Sesame salad dressing. I may learn to eat salad this summer.
  3. Sore muscles. Tangible evidence that I'm fighting a little bit against the cake invasion.
  4. This song. It's been in my head for days...maybe i'm still getting used to the blond?
  5. Early bedtimes.


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