writer's block

Oh, summer. That time of year when my job goes into overdrive...I usually have a host of work- related things to write about. But this year I'm having trouble...it either sounds like whining (which, frankly, some of it is) or bad PR. I could talk about the fun I'm having trying to slide meaningful experiences with pals around the opera schedule (lunch on a free day! shopping! brunch before rehearsal!), or bitch about how hard running is in the humidity. (You've had enough of that particular tune, though, haven't you?)

This morning I'm in luck: hubby has gifted me with a sleep-in quiet morning complete with a full pot of coffee. He and the dog are playing in a creek/park somewhere, and I have the luxury of a porch that's quiet except for the hum of the cooler and the symphonic birdsong. (Seriously, these birds are chatty!)

And I've also been gifted with several writing prompts from a colleague. Here's the first in an occasional series:

1. A friend offers to buy you an iPad with one condition - that you must design an app that will make your life much more efficient/simple/happy/content… what does that app do?

Huh. Well, since my grasp of programming and writing code is weak at best, I'm not limiting myself to practical answers.

My app would be the HELP! app.
(No, not as in emergency services or EMT/911/danger to life and limb help...I think that our emergency responders have that covered.)

  • First off, when you opened it, it would play the Beatles tune. Duh.  
  • It would, either through a short series of questions or through direct query, suss out what kind of help you needed (bad hair day/overwhelmed at work or home/ feeling lonely/ feeing stuck/ needing a kind word), and figure out something that would ease your mind/heart, whether it was something that a professional service could provide (cleaning/hair appt/grocery shopping) or something that a friend/colleague/neighbor could do (let the dog out/remind you of a great memory/ tell you that you're fantastic).
    • you could network in people that you'd feel comfortable asking for help from: friends, neighbors, work colleagues, etc. or set it to a specific geographic area.
  • It would have 2 modes: the HELP!ask, outlined above, or the HELP!give, which would allow you to input things you'd be willing to help with and again, network with folks that you knew or that were within a geographic area (dogwalks/pick up milk from the grocery/donate time or $ to a cause or event)
  • Both services could be set to anonymous: if you wanted to do something nice for someone, you could do so without them knowing who it was (would be limited, obvs. I don't want an anonymous stranger walking into my house to let the dog out! maybe some kind of screening process? I dunno.). Or, if you were feeling low but didn't want folks to know, you could ask anonymously.
Now, I'm lucky enough to have friends and colleagues and neighbors who do this already do some extent...but as my propensity is to not ask for help, and to take on a little more than I should, this might help me manage my tendency to overcommit. And I like the idea of being able to help others when I have the time/space to do so.

Dear readers, I pose the same question to you: your idea - is there an app for that?

My five:
  1. Mornings that hubby lets me sleep in....priceless
  2. Wildlife sightings: a doe walked through the yard this morning, totally unimpressed by the humans or pets watching her.
  3. Coffee.
  4. Exploring - went to 2 historic Virginia towns yesterday, and it was lovely to get out of the "city".
  5. Quiet time.


Anonymous said…
which beatles tune?
rahree said…
this one!


Anonymous said…
My app would contain reminders of my goals. When I feel like skipping class, I select that button and I see pictures of me graduating. When I feel like eating everything in the entire kitchen, I select another button and I get reminders of what I can achieve if I continue to meet my diet and fitness goals.

Something like that. I think I could also use the same Beatles song for background music as well. hhhmmm... interesting...

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