Oh, chickadees... July and I are not friends.

Not even frenemies.

Granted, he's trying to win me back with a stretch of the most impossibly gorgeous weather...blue skies, low humidity, gentle breezes...

But he's also Captain Burnout. He makes me work long hours. He asks me to spend more money than I have and then give back money that I need. He makes the same mistakes over and over again, and makes me fix them every time. He shortens my fuse by teasing me with lovely weather on days that I have to work inside, and them cranking up the heat and humidity on those long days when I'm stuck working outside. His rules are impossible, largely because they constantly change. He makes me feel inadequate, stupid, fat, unlovable, incompetent. He positions cacophonous construction crews outside my window at 7am on my days off, and populates my social media with pictures and status updates of friends enjoying summer getaways. He takes me away from connecting with people, and chains me to computers, spreadsheets, grant applications, ad copy. This summer he's given me more to do with even fewer resources (mental/emotional/financial) than usual.

He is a total douchebag...

July, you're only halfway over, but I am TOTALLY over you.


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