on the eve of August 1st, bullet points. Pow! POW!

  • Tomorrow would be my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. I would send my mom flowers, but she's moved and I don't have the address... Should I read into that?
  • My last entry was a sinfully hot day backstage at the Filene Center, accompanied by a criminally fantastic performance. This past Friday? Also too warm to be charitable, and yet the headliner was one of the most gracious, elegant men I've ever come across. Remembered my name, and everyone else's to whom he was introduced. A genuine man, a class act, and a demeanor to which I aspire.
  • I really hope that next Thursday and Friday aren't as brutal, weather-wise. REALLY HOPE.
  • The end is in sight! We started opera prep on March 28th, and finish with all things operatic (well, aside from the 8-city audition tour...but I'm blocking that out...) on August 24th. I'm mourning the opportunities lost to the scheduling madness and looking forward to buying a new sweater and taking a cooking or dance class. And a vacation. (I think I need that last thing...)
  • I have tonight off! Hubs is sick, so I made dinner, walked the dog and put them both to bed before 9pm. 
  • I worked an easy 5 hour shift today - felt like playtime! (Well, it actually was playtime...at least partially with the Instant Opera run-through.) My last day off was the 23rd. My next will be the 8th. And in between? Several split days -10am-midnight with a break in the middle. I'm determined to actually take an hour or two off in the middle of those days, if only because leisurely lunches will keep me from becoming a raging beeyatch. (Well, one can hope...)
  • Is it just me, or do the things that should be easiest always tend to take a turn to the left? Every year we get blindsided by something that's traditionally been easy taking a turn to the south... The killer is that it's seldom the same thing 2 years in a row. I need a better crystal ball...and more band-aids.
  • I know...all I usually do is bitch. But I am totally 100% in love with the Studio. I am totally thrilled with the amazing artistry from them and the FYAs. We're totally lousy with pretty notes and dangerous dramatic intention! And our tech folks /costume staff /artistic team/stage management team /interns are nothing short of f*ing spectactular. (And nice, to boot!) I should find a way to lose sight of this less...it's an amazing thing, and something I miss desperately in the off season. 
So, I'm counting my blessings. And sharing some things that caught my eye with you.
  • These. Come to mama.
  • I aspire to option #2.
  • Ew. Time to scale back and embrace the crow's feet.
  • I have to have this, so that I can hold it in my hand and pretend to be a GIANT.
  • Books and art? Two of my favorite things!
  • One of my former students. Who's learning from who now?!? 
  • A frequent daydream, articulated.
  • This picture won't leave my subconscious. And I'm ok with that. 
  • I'd just settle for doing everything. Or, doing everything I'm supposed to do...
And my five:
  1. RC's laugh. Right up there with chocolate and good shoes as far as feel-good powers.
  2. House Hunters International...plotting the next adventure, even if it is virtual.
  3. Open, interesting artists. Today's audition class just reinforced how special these folks are.
  4. Sugar cookies. I should not love them so much...but I doooooooooo...
  5. Class at the gym. My ass has been kicked, and I loved every minute! (Sick. I am a sick puppy...)


Amy Owens said…
I love your thoughts. :) MMWAH!

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