almost there!

So, I wrote a whole post. And when I went back to re-read it, found that it wasn't so much in English.

Grammar. Just another victim of End-of-the-Season-Fatigue.

So, the shortlist:

  • Thursday and Friday I worked at WETA on our radio series. We started 90 minutes late one day, bc the talent (a lovely, if chronologically challenged, gentleman) just couldn't get there on time. When we're not busy in the office, it's nbd. But when we're still slammed? SO FRUSTRATING. (And I may have roared when the "difference between a baritone and an euphonium" discussion wouldn't die. Sometimes a girl's just gotta say ENOUGH.)
  • Spent the weekend achy and oh-so-tired. (Was asleep by 10:30pm on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. LAAAAME.) The achyness didn't stop me from working and attending a bridal shower and brunch, however. Priorities...
  • Today? An unsuccessful game of catch-up. Because...
  • Tomorrow? Rehearsals for the Alumni Concert. SO EXCITING.
  • Also tomorrow? A swanky party at a swanky Georgetown penthouse. Trying to decide which ridiculous pair of shoes to trot out...
  • Wednesday? ALUMNI CONCERT. 
  • Thursday and Friday? OUT OF OFFICE. Hellz yeah.
It's been a long summer. And the next 2 days will be intense and long...and pretty fantastic. I can't wait to hear all of the stories about summers at WT. Hoping I can commit them all to memory!

In other news, I bought a wool sweater at the J.Crew outlet in Delaware. (Rushing the season much?) I'm halfway through the second book in the Game of Thrones series. I am seriously pudgy and am trying to  get back into the working out/eating veg/weaning myself off of freebased sugar groove.

(It's hard.)

My five:

  1. Beautiful days.
  2. Teal toenails.
  3. Unstructured time.
  4. Good stories.
  5. Early bedtimes.





It's been a summer.
Not technically over yet, let's be honest...we have a big honkin' show on the 24th that will be seven shades of fantastic. But that's, like, OVER a WEEK away!

(And I am reminded of how irritated I was when my secondary school students wouldn't actually pay attention to the musical until 2 days beforehand...and wonder why I got so worked up, when it seems way easier than stressing for weeks over something ephemeral...oh, the irony...)

But in the last 48 hours I have:

  • Been rained on. multiple times.
  • Squished sand between my toes.
  • Fed thousands of mosquitos using just my ankles...btw, anyone know the symptoms of malaria? Message me if I should change my cocktail to gin & tonics...
  • Read this book. And, heavens help me, bought the next two in the series. I'm totally, unabashedly, hooked. And also? I want a dragon. 
  • Stepped, regrettably, on a scale. If you can't say something nice...
  • Got the proofs of my new shots. (See previous post... do extra chins read as 'trustworthy'?)
  • Eaten the finest mushroom risotto of my life...dadgonit. It's a challenge. (Ladies - and you know who you are - you'll be eating it a LOT as I try to get it right...prepare yourselves.)
  • Bought a wool sweater. Rushing the season and all of that...
  • Got reacquainted with my hubby after a busy, busy summer. And that, my friends, is worth its weight in gold. 

My five:

  1. September resolutions...the teacher's new year.
  2. Long-range surprises.
  3. Napping. 
  4. Good stories. With many pages. And crazy, Welsh-infected names. And dragons. And sequels...
  5. Recharging.
messy hair, crazy smile...the true me.


Home Stretch!

Best. License. Plate. Ever.
Chickadees, it's been a long summer. One hundred and forty days of summer, give or take a handful of days.

But that summer is almost over, for better or for worse. Because in four very short days Hoffmann will close. We'll have a two-day grown-up opera fest (seriously, did you know about it? Because it's going to be AMAZEBALLS) the week after, and then Ethel and I will be closing the office down for some serious R&R.

(You know, R&R...as in Rnapping and Rcocktails)
(...the 'r's are silent.)

We've been stretched to the limit...and really seen what we can and can't sustain. I'm speaking for myself when I say that I'm happy to have been stretched and all, but DANG would I love to approach a season with more thought and care than this one ultimately received. (Not for lack of planning or good intention, either...we had metric tons of both of those.) I can't count on two hands the things I would've wanted to pay more attention to...the list is that long.

So. Lesson learned.

In the meantime, I'm saying goodbye in a million different ways...exit interviews, final evaluations, all of that. And I'm finding that I haven't had the time or opportunity to get to know anyone as well as I would've liked. Boooooo...

Here's hoping that next year's a little bit different. Not in the artistic gratification areas - those I'm pretty pleased with. But in the showing-my-face-when-I'm-not-expected, getting-to-know-folks areas. Because these folks? Are the reason I'm in this weirdo business in the first place.

So, goodbyes. And then a few precious days at the beach, remembering what my hubby looks like. And then a big boy concert. And then? Time to breathe.


My five:

  1. Family Day. While laCM is the Craft Queen, MG is the heiress apparentess. And nothing gives a lift like tucking a feather in your hair, I guarantee. (Right, AO?)
  2. Looking back. I am guilty of doing this more often than is likely healthy, but this was a pretty jam-packed summer, and full of cool things. That rear-view mirror is pretty rosy.
  3. Doing something different. I got some new pictures taken today (as I have foregone the goth 'do for something much lighter), and am reminded of how much we can communicate without words, with just smiles and energy. Such. Fun! (Look at me, getting all new-agey!)
  4. Books. I just finished this, and it's made that rare list of books I love so much that I can't give away (there are only 2 other books that have this distinction...usually, the better to book is, the more I want to share it. but I'm not ready to let this one go yet...); and I just started this and it's totally sucked me in... against my better judgement.
  5. Possibility...the spring is always framed by the possibilities of art. The summer is framed by the connections made by the artists. The end of summer is framed by the reemergence of unstructured time and the possibilities it conveys.

And a special gift for you? Right here! (Although if you've been within 2 miles of me in the last few weeks, you've already seen this:) Dar's youngest, singing a song that everyone should know. While wearing a salami glove. Gaga - watch your back...


You're welcome.


Mr. Riker

My folks were both teachers. As was respectful, I called all of their friends - mostly teachers, themselves - Mr. or Mrs.

As I grew up, I was allowed to call them by their first names only after I had asked for, and was granted permission.

I tried to skirt this little formality with Mr. Riker. I called him "Don" once, in front of my mom. I was probably 5 and was, ahem, soundly discouraged from doing so without asking for his permission.

I never asked.

I don't think I ever called him by his first name again. Not at my high school graduation. Not at my wedding. He was always Mr. Riker or, if we were having a chummy moment, Rike.

We vacationed with Mr. Riker and his lovely wife Linda on lakes and under waterfalls several times during my elementary and middle school years. We welcomed their son Donnie John when I was in fifth grade. I remember when mom went out with her girlfriends, Mr. Riker would come over to hang with Dad and, by default, me. We'd watch Grand Ol' Opry and Hee Haw. They'd let me stay up past my bedtime and eat those big Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels that came in this big tin drums.

He was a big, gentle, quiet part of my childhood.

Don, I'll miss you. Rest in peace.

My five:

  1. Good memories. I'm teary AND smiley just thinking about the lake house and the Rikers.
  2. Early evening. Thanks to LaJefa for an early dismissal.
  3. Beautiful weather - wow, it's lovely.
  4. Yoga.
  5. Daydreaming.