almost there!

So, I wrote a whole post. And when I went back to re-read it, found that it wasn't so much in English.

Grammar. Just another victim of End-of-the-Season-Fatigue.

So, the shortlist:

  • Thursday and Friday I worked at WETA on our radio series. We started 90 minutes late one day, bc the talent (a lovely, if chronologically challenged, gentleman) just couldn't get there on time. When we're not busy in the office, it's nbd. But when we're still slammed? SO FRUSTRATING. (And I may have roared when the "difference between a baritone and an euphonium" discussion wouldn't die. Sometimes a girl's just gotta say ENOUGH.)
  • Spent the weekend achy and oh-so-tired. (Was asleep by 10:30pm on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. LAAAAME.) The achyness didn't stop me from working and attending a bridal shower and brunch, however. Priorities...
  • Today? An unsuccessful game of catch-up. Because...
  • Tomorrow? Rehearsals for the Alumni Concert. SO EXCITING.
  • Also tomorrow? A swanky party at a swanky Georgetown penthouse. Trying to decide which ridiculous pair of shoes to trot out...
  • Wednesday? ALUMNI CONCERT. 
  • Thursday and Friday? OUT OF OFFICE. Hellz yeah.
It's been a long summer. And the next 2 days will be intense and long...and pretty fantastic. I can't wait to hear all of the stories about summers at WT. Hoping I can commit them all to memory!

In other news, I bought a wool sweater at the J.Crew outlet in Delaware. (Rushing the season much?) I'm halfway through the second book in the Game of Thrones series. I am seriously pudgy and am trying to  get back into the working out/eating veg/weaning myself off of freebased sugar groove.

(It's hard.)

My five:

  1. Beautiful days.
  2. Teal toenails.
  3. Unstructured time.
  4. Good stories.
  5. Early bedtimes.


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