It's been a summer.
Not technically over yet, let's be honest...we have a big honkin' show on the 24th that will be seven shades of fantastic. But that's, like, OVER a WEEK away!

(And I am reminded of how irritated I was when my secondary school students wouldn't actually pay attention to the musical until 2 days beforehand...and wonder why I got so worked up, when it seems way easier than stressing for weeks over something ephemeral...oh, the irony...)

But in the last 48 hours I have:

  • Been rained on. multiple times.
  • Squished sand between my toes.
  • Fed thousands of mosquitos using just my ankles...btw, anyone know the symptoms of malaria? Message me if I should change my cocktail to gin & tonics...
  • Read this book. And, heavens help me, bought the next two in the series. I'm totally, unabashedly, hooked. And also? I want a dragon. 
  • Stepped, regrettably, on a scale. If you can't say something nice...
  • Got the proofs of my new shots. (See previous post... do extra chins read as 'trustworthy'?)
  • Eaten the finest mushroom risotto of my life...dadgonit. It's a challenge. (Ladies - and you know who you are - you'll be eating it a LOT as I try to get it right...prepare yourselves.)
  • Bought a wool sweater. Rushing the season and all of that...
  • Got reacquainted with my hubby after a busy, busy summer. And that, my friends, is worth its weight in gold. 

My five:

  1. September resolutions...the teacher's new year.
  2. Long-range surprises.
  3. Napping. 
  4. Good stories. With many pages. And crazy, Welsh-infected names. And dragons. And sequels...
  5. Recharging.
messy hair, crazy smile...the true me.


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