Oh, lordy.

So, in the time that's elapsed since that last post? We've had an earthquake (5.8, bitches!) and a hurricane. Well, maybe 'hurricane' is being a little generous... by the time she reached us, Irene was more like a really windy night followed by the most glorious weather ever created...a half-hearted tantrum from a young weather deity. But that earthquake was the real deal...especially as I was standing under a lovely glass atrium when it hit, and the glass started to squeak. Scary stuff!

It was a rough summer, blah blah blah. A great summer in many ways - great people, great art, great strides made. But even with all of that, I was ready to let this one go about halfway through. The need to always be on call (and I'm hardly the one getting the lion's share of the calls - we all know that), the time-sensitive nature of it, the bad feeling around so much of the summer...lingering even now into the fall. I'm usually a pretty confident girl, but I'm really not feeling that way now, at the end of the summer. Too many dropped balls, relationships left hanging...all of that.

So I'm rebooting. I ushered August out with neighbors on the porch (and un peu de too much wine), and started up with this challenge. I worked out with my trainer for the first time in MONTHS. (And by the way? I think she took the abandonment personally...I still can't lift my arms.) I threw away a whole bunch of stuff - something that's really difficult for my packrat self. I've been trying to plan some fun things, as well as some things that will be good for me. And I've been trying to do good/nice things for people, to put some of that karma back out into the world. I just got an invite to a ball, so there's a new dress in my future, as well as some plans with the girls and with mom. So many things to look forward to!

So I think I'm going to take away the very best parts of this summer and leave the rest in a big dusty pile. And I'm going to walk away from it all for a little while, and walk towards family, friends and new experiences. A little break never hurts.

My five:

  1. Game of Thrones. I'm on Book 4. HOOKED. It's like prose meth.
  2. Quiet days.
  3. Slowing down.
  4. Spying reddish leaves on trees.
  5. Autumn-scented breezes.


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