taking stock

Ten years ago today, on that shockingly beautiful September morning, I was in a lovely second-floor classroom at the Ellis School in Pittsburgh. I was fully intending to blow off Morning Meeting to get some overlooked prep work done before Glee Club rehearsal. Sara Sturdevant walked into my classroom and said "I'll walk to Meeting with you." When I tried to beg off, she turned on the TV in the corner of my room...and through the static there was a shot of the towers...

What a scary day.

Because of the path of the Shanksville airplane, most of downtown Pittsburgh was evacuated, in case they were aiming for the USX tower. It was difficult to find people, cell phones were jammed, and the girls that I taught were anxious and frazzled. (As were their teachers.)

It's hard to remember what life was like prior to that day, in some ways.  I made some changes that undoubtedly came from the realization that life is indeed short. I changed careers. I got engaged. We moved to the DC area.

But sitting here, ten years out...having recently felt an earthquake and hurricane in my own neighborhood, and having watched on tv and facebook as my hometown flooded? (All within the last 3 weeks. Crazy.)

Well, everything seems so very, very precarious.


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