teacher's new year

It's September! I've had a labor-less Labor Day, which has been exceedingly lovely. And, I'm totally excited about the next few months - there's so much going on!

  • This week? A light work week. Heck yeah.
  • Weekend? Pierogi making.
  • Why pierogis so early? Tailgating on Sunday for the first NFL game of the regular season. GO STEELERS!
  • The following weekend? Going to a Ball! Gotta get a dress...
  • The Monday after the ball? Girls Night on my porch - an evening that promises to be fantastic.
  • The weekend after that? Mom comes to visit the porch - FOR THE FIRST TIME. Epic.
And then shortly after that the audition tour starts... it's early this year, with lots of new hotels and listening rooms. Early also because we're sandwiching 2 weddings into the schedule - cousin Lindsay's and KPW's daughter Lexi's. Love and music all autumn...pretty awesome!

Among all of that? I've joined Weight Watchers. Again. Because no matter how much I try to believe it, popcorn-flavored Jelly Bellys are not fruit. White bread is not my friend, even though I love it. And my pants are tight.



I've worked out a million times (ok, five) in the last few days and I want to cry when I try to sit down. I have an appointment with my trainer tomorrow morning for some more butt-kicking, too. I'm a masochist.

And I've also found some friends to write with on a weekly basis. Which is somehow petrifying...but it's that good kind of scared, like it might be a stepping stone to something fun.

Life is good.

My five:
  1. New adventures.
  2. Regaining control.
  3. Yoga pants.
  4. Reading.
  5. Time with hubs.


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