it's that time of yeeeear...

..when the world falls in love,
every song you hear seems to saaaay....
"Please, hire me,
I'm the best, in ev'ry waaaaay!"

But, 'tween your ears and mine
not many cross the line...
And it's hard to say
"Thank you. Next, pleeeease."

We leave for auditions on Friday. The receding singer in me still has a love-hate relationship with this tour, and I think that's actually a good thing...preserves the empathy with the difficulties that are inherent in this profession. That being said, I still have 4 cities to schedule and notify. AND I need a pianist for a whole city...two full days. Eek.

And I hate leaving my happy little house, my sweet pets and sweeter hubster.

That being said? I'm looking forward to being on the road.

And, the crazy part about this fall? It's surrounded by loooove. Two weddings - one of which I'm coming out of retirement for (...Lord help me AND the congregation. Make that communion wine strong, Father...) - and one that is defining my colleague's year in such a big, beautiful way; meeting a new baby and several little men and women; seeing Seattle for the first time in several years; and hanging with CameraMan for the first time since his nuptuals and US reentry? Plus Carmen, Nabucco and Fidelio?


Hoping yinz are feeling the love, wherever you are.

My five:

  1. Nutella. Damn you, chocolaty goodness...
  2. Mild weather. Writing this from the porch, thankyouverymuch.
  3. New dresses. For the tour, of course...
  4. Huge mums and warty squashes.
  5. Cinnamon. It's fall, y'all.


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