November Monday

Ben Folds, I love you.

I'm watching The Sing-Off, and he's teaching the audience a harmony part so that they can participate. He did something similar when he appeared at work a few years ago with his tune "Army", and I totally fell in lurve.

Geeking out BIG TIME.

In other news? Thanksgiving was full of thanks, and sloth, and roasted meat. I caught my first hockey game in years (The Caps lost, but I hear that they're getting a new coach...maybe that'll help?). Ran 6 miles.    Had a great dinner with pals. Hung lights on the house. (...sparkly ones on the holly bushes... it's a thin line between tasteful and Griswold.) And actually got my heinie back to Zumba class - boy, it was easier (if just as sweaty) the second time around.

And I had a good checkup at the dentist this morning. Good news at doctors appointments can no longer be taken for granted!

I also bailed on NaNoWriMo. I got about halfway through - 24,338 words - but even after jumping the shark twice I couldn't figure out where else to go. I'm hoping that a little perspective will get me back on the wagon...and even if this story is shelved permanently, I'm thinking that I'll start something new in January. I'm glad that I attempted it, knowing that a first try is just that - a first foray. I've learned a lot, and next time will be easier. (Especially because I won't be trying to fit an audition tour and casting in around it!)

So, in short, life is good, and slower. Which is good, because Smokey's singing with Afro-Blue, and I need to pay attention.

My five:

  1. Willfully ignoring the holiday sales hype.
  2. Gloriously warm weather - it's been so very lovely!
  3. Great colleagues. I'm a lucky girl.
  4. A running partner. I understand team sports - and the accompanying camaraderie - better for it.
  5. Having enough.
This isn't Smokey's version, but it's my all-time favorite. If you listen hard, you can hear my heart singing along in the background.


Is it hot in here?

I'm sweating.

Sure, it's 40 degrees outside.

Sure, I've been sitting still for the past 15 minutes.

Sure, I have even been into and out of the shower.

Still. Sweating.

In the interest of reclaiming some of the ground I lost to the audition tour towards my personal goals, I made a running date with MR. (I have to come up with a good alias for her...she's an English teacher, mom of 2, and just ran a half-marathon a few weeks ago. And she runs so she can eat/drink whatever she wants...priorities are totally in the right place. She's kinda my hero.) We met at 8 this morning, and vowed to not phone it in and head directly to Starbucks...although the thought of it was totally tempting!

It was a great morning to run. Cool (ok, cold, but once you get going it feels good!), sunny, quiet. For the first time in my running life I went completely without music - I brought the iPod, but didn't bother to even put the earbuds in.

Can I say firstly that running with an old friend whom you haven't seen in a while? Totally fun.

Can I also say that talking and running at the same time? Well, I'm not terribly good at it. It's hard. You can call me Louise...or, rather Weezy, as that's what I did for the better part of 5.5 miles. I had wanted to go longer than that, to log 6 or 7, to not walk quite as often, but sometimes you just have to readjust. Adding in the talking, and running at a slightly faster pace than I was used to? Well, I'll take both of those things and the great conversation over hitting a specific number.

My other goals for this lovely, lazy Saturday include a metric ton of laundry (so exciting, right?), working on my new NaNoWriMo goals (since I've recalibrated to address the lost time...I have a daily word count of 2600. HALP.), and maybe getting my fanny into a practice room to make some noise. After listening to other folks sing and play piano for months, I'm a little anxious to do some noisemaking of my own.

What's on your docket for the day, lovelies?

My five:

  1. Getting reacquainted.
  2. Having an agenda-less day
  3. Bloody ankles. I have a running scar...and I'm proud of it, even if it's totally due to my klutziness.
  4. Finishing a run AT Starbucks. A latte never tasted so good.
  5. A quiet house. 



We're almost to the end of the audition tour. It's been a whirlwind, although not as punishing as it's been in the past. I don't feel broken physically, and I'm only slightly overwhelmed at the amount of work that has to happen over the next two weeks. I'm a little off track with the writing goals and the running goals, but if I tuck in this week I'll likely make up the time/mileage/words.

I'm sitting in a crazy hotel room in Houston, that's triangular, and windowed on two sides. Here's a photo:

Crazy, right? But having beautiful sunny mornings and large windows makes the waking up much easier, even when my mind gets up several times a night and races.

As I was waiting for some new tunes to load (catching up on Aurgasm and Stereogum - lots of new discoveries!), I opened a forgotten list on my desktop. I've never been able to craft a life-list: something about my views on mortality (is there anything more tragic than the life list of the recently deceased? hopes and dreams unfulfilled...tres depressing.) prevents me from really wanting to do it.

But somehow, a list of things to do from birthday to birthday was much easier. I picked one fun thing for each year that I've been alive. (And wow, that number is getting big. Harumph. Or Hallelujah? Both, depending on the day, I s'pose.)

I was really surprised to see that I've actually done some of the things on the list, and am working towards others. It's crazy, and somehow empowering.

Quick flight home that sadly occurs at the exact time of the Steelers/Bengals game. Maybe if I don't tune in they'll pick some ass...one can hope.

Here's a snip of my travelling music for this morning...happy Sunday, all.

Feist - Cicadas & Gulls (ft. Ed Droste) by ListenBeforeYouBuy

My five:

  1. Reconnecting.
  2. Calling fried vegetables by operatic names. We've partaken of some amazing Nabucco and Fidelio on the road, to the chagrin of my belt.
  3. Art. Sometimes we all need a reminder of why we do this...and a transcendent artistic experience is the best.
  4. Vocal surprises.
  5. Homecoming.


quel whirlwind!

Chickadees, it's been a crazy few days.

Friday - a memorial service for one of my favorite professors. She was one of those joyous, inquisitive, no-nonsense kinds of ladies, and was a personal boon to me in many ways. (Not least of which was the fact that she lived in the neighborhood that hubs and I first found ourselves in when we moved out of Pittsburgh. It was a tiny apartment, we were having growing pains, and I wandered over to her yard for conversation and rosemary a handful of desperately-needed times over that year. She had a hand in the fact that I am happily married today, for sure.)

Saturday - the wedding of my dear colleague's oldest daughter to an outstanding young man who works in the same industry as my hubs, and of whom said hubby thinks the world. It was a night full of earnest declarations of love - for friends, family, and the two newlyweds. Silliness, sweetness...it was a beautiful night, and we felt so honored to just be included. Basking in all that love was therapeutic and three shades of fun, too!

Sunday - would've been Dad's 69th birthday. I spent all morning and most of the afternoon in a focusless haze...not really able to make a to do list, or really do anything except laundry. (I'm of the belief that laundry is best done when one is too frazzled/distracted to do anything else well...folding towels was about as ambitious as today was going to get.) I thought about toasting him with bourbon or a cigar, but just couldn't do it. So a glass of cabernet, his green chamois shirt and a Steeler game on the tube will have to suffice. (And dad? If the Steelers lose you're in BIG trouble! C'mon divine intervention!)

In other news, I started training for my March 1/2 marathon today. And I'm seriously behind (read: one day) in the word count for NaNoWriMo. And hubs left for Colorado at o-dark-thirty this morning. Oh, and we leave for Cincinnati tomorrow, and our pianist just bowed out AAAAND I haven't even started to pack.

Something tells me that the best thing to do will be to go to bed early, get up early and refreshed tomorrow, and kick some ass in the errand-running/packing departments. Because let's be frank: tonight is just not the night.

And it's OK. It has to be a good thing to take one solitary evening to process all the joy and sorrow that somehow, impossibly coexist...

Cheers to L and JG. Happy birthday, poppa. And V, look for my dad - he may not know how to dance, but if anyone could teach him it'd be you.

My five:

  1. Reflecting, even when it's difficult.
  2. Seeing big groups of people who love each other celebrating. AWESOME.
  3. Commending a job well done.
  4. Participating in challenges where the onus is to simply accumulate (words, miles). We'll deal with editing and speedwork another day, won't we? (Or maybe not...)
  5. Sunday night football. GO STEELERS!!