November Monday

Ben Folds, I love you.

I'm watching The Sing-Off, and he's teaching the audience a harmony part so that they can participate. He did something similar when he appeared at work a few years ago with his tune "Army", and I totally fell in lurve.

Geeking out BIG TIME.

In other news? Thanksgiving was full of thanks, and sloth, and roasted meat. I caught my first hockey game in years (The Caps lost, but I hear that they're getting a new coach...maybe that'll help?). Ran 6 miles.    Had a great dinner with pals. Hung lights on the house. (...sparkly ones on the holly bushes... it's a thin line between tasteful and Griswold.) And actually got my heinie back to Zumba class - boy, it was easier (if just as sweaty) the second time around.

And I had a good checkup at the dentist this morning. Good news at doctors appointments can no longer be taken for granted!

I also bailed on NaNoWriMo. I got about halfway through - 24,338 words - but even after jumping the shark twice I couldn't figure out where else to go. I'm hoping that a little perspective will get me back on the wagon...and even if this story is shelved permanently, I'm thinking that I'll start something new in January. I'm glad that I attempted it, knowing that a first try is just that - a first foray. I've learned a lot, and next time will be easier. (Especially because I won't be trying to fit an audition tour and casting in around it!)

So, in short, life is good, and slower. Which is good, because Smokey's singing with Afro-Blue, and I need to pay attention.

My five:

  1. Willfully ignoring the holiday sales hype.
  2. Gloriously warm weather - it's been so very lovely!
  3. Great colleagues. I'm a lucky girl.
  4. A running partner. I understand team sports - and the accompanying camaraderie - better for it.
  5. Having enough.
This isn't Smokey's version, but it's my all-time favorite. If you listen hard, you can hear my heart singing along in the background.


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